May 17, 2016
An energy town hall on the Upper East Side
The most modern idea in architecture is the Passive House, which only needs a tiny amount of heating and cooling as compared to a conventional structure. We learned more at a town hall on energy.
by Angie Koo
May 2, 2016
Driving an electric car in NYC
The doors are funny and the accelerator pedal too, but driving a BMW i3 made tree counting more fun.
by Lilas Randrianarivony
Mar 29, 2016
Beginning the Baykeeper
In recent years, science and policy have been catching up with Andrew Willner's vision for a sustainable harbor.
by Ana Cecilia Deustua
Dec 15, 2015
The Natural History Museum
Beka Economopoulos, Co-Founder
"Museums are leaders, and we're asking them to demonstrate their leadership."
by Angie Koo
Dec 4, 2015
Art in the Bronx, of the Bronx
An art exhibit explores culture, change, and community in the South Bronx, and falls at a particularly relevant time.
by Jonah Garnick
Nov 28, 2015
More scenes from the plan to save the planet
Kaia Rose's episodic documentary is an easily understood guide to the story of the century.
by Angie Koo
Nov 18, 2015
Walter Meyer
Co-Founder, Power Rockaways Resilience
The Power Rockaways Resilience team developed cultural knowledge so valuable that it led to an award from the White House.
by Francesca Luberti
Oct 25, 2015
Behind the scenes of the plan to save the planet
"Me? I’m a film­maker, so I’m not going to invent the next bat­tery. What can I do? Well, I can make a web-series about this."
by Angie Koo
Oct 9, 2015
British scientist gives best human rights talk of the year
"This is not about just incremental change. This is about whole system change. And this applies to all of us, whatever sphere of influence we have."
by Richard Reiss
Sep 9, 2015
Can positive thinking be the key to our big CO2 fix?
Public opinion lags scientific understanding of climate, and so our political system doesn't move fast enough. A new book offers ideas to change that around.
by Nicolas Maiarelli
Aug 29, 2015
The future of fashion walks the new High Bridge
A glimpse of the High Bridge suggests it was fated to become a fashion runway one day.
by Kuntian Yu
Aug 8, 2015
Shared renewables come to New York
In New York City, most of us live in apartments, making it impossible to power our homes from our own set of solar panels. But that's about to change.
by Susanna De Martino
Aug 3, 2015
Bjarke Ingels and Kim Stanley Robinson at IDEAS CITY
"An ounce of laws is worth 10,000 pounds of rhetoric."
by Paul Rivers
Jul 31, 2015
Looking back at IDEAS CITY 2015
Being at one of the booths of the IDEAS CITY festival was nothing like I expected it to be.
by Kuntian Yu
Jul 22, 2015
"Keep it slow:" touring the High Line
The High Line has become a top destination for visitors. Does it still work for New Yorkers? Sarah Holder takes a tour.
by Sarah Holder
Jul 12, 2015
Why I love the QueensWay
The QueensWay would transform an abandoned railway in Queens into parkland.
by Jonah Garnick
Jul 5, 2015
Dematerializing the car
  Ecologist Eric Sanderson has written a carefully detailed and beautifully designed book on the need to redesign society without cars. Projjal Dutta, Director of Sustainability for the MTA, keeps a personal Tumblr titled “Taking the car out of carbon,” with a similar message (both Sanderson and Dutta are advisors to City Atlas). Enrique Penalosa, the visionary former mayor of […]
by David Kroodsma
Jun 18, 2015
James White: ice & the city
Director, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
James White explains that the future of the city depends on how the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets melt in a warmer climate, and on what we do to slow the process down.
by Jamie Carpenter