Apr 15, 2014
Urban coyotes
Coyotes live in the Bronx? Yes.
by Deborah Secular
Apr 3, 2014
Looking deep into the future of Manhattan
Eric Sanderson’s new interactive urban design website,, challenges users to see the natural landscape that is still possible within the city.
by Ann Dunlap
Mar 31, 2014
Exploring the archipelago of New York City by canoe and kayak
"To experience the river in such close proximity and juxtaposed with Manhattan’s skyscrapers is profound."
by Jocelyn Dupre
Mar 25, 2014
Workshops for the Green Infrastructure Grant
Are you a pri­vate prop­erty owner inter­ested in build­ing your own roof top gar­den, or help­ing the city in its efforts to keep our city cleaner and greener? The New York City Depart­ment of Envi­ron­men­tal Pro­tec­tion offers a grant pro­gram for pri­vate prop­erty own­ers to do just this. Selected appli­cants will be pro­vided with funds for the […]
by Trude Chandler
Mar 16, 2014
Spring 2014 tree giveaways have begun
Pick up your free tree! In part­ner­ship with com­mu­nity orga­ni­za­tions in Queens, NYRP is giv­ing away trees. NYC res­i­dents can pick up free trees and learn how to plant and care for them. Mark your cal­en­dars with the date and loca­tion that works for you. Mil­lion­TreesNYC, one of the 132 PlaNYC ini­tia­tives, is a city­wide, public-private pro­gram […]
by Trude Chandler
Mar 15, 2014
Solar power comes to Brooklyn
Home solar power has been booming across the US. But here in New York City, how would one go about going solar? Solarize Brooklyn just guided 23 homes through the process.
by Jordan Steingard
Mar 11, 2014
How would Christie move the nation?
As a potential Republican candidate for president, Governor Christie is on a short leash in terms of energy, transportation and climate policy.
by Jason Diaz
Feb 28, 2014
Youth Bike Summit 2014
A three-day national conference on bicycling grew from discussion with interns at Recycle-A-Bicycle.
by Trude Chandler
Feb 21, 2014
Seasonal Produce
  The state of New York is known for its short sea­son for grow­ing fruits and veg­eta­bles. These past few months have been espe­cially bru­tal in New York City as snow boots and puffy jack­ets have become a daily neces­sity. It’s easy to won­der how any type of pro­duce is able to grow in this frigid […]
by Kay Peat
Feb 13, 2014
Food and farming journalism fellowship seeks applicants
The UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism is offering Food and Farming Journalism Fellowships in a new program established by Michael Pollan. Applications due 3/1/14.
by Trude Chandler
Feb 3, 2014
P.S. 41 develops a new green roof curriculum
P.S. 41 and partners are seeking support for the development of a green roof curriculum for school kids.
by Trude Chandler
Jan 29, 2014
Pete Seeger: Sailing the Hudson in the name of activism
Pete Seeger launched the sloop Clearwater in 1969 to clean up the Hudson River. Join him and the rest of his crew as they help create the next generation of environmental leaders to preserve and protect our earth.
by Jason Diaz
Jan 26, 2014
Book review: The New York Nobody Knows
William B. Helmreich spent four years exploring New York City block by block, visiting virtually every neighborhood in every borough the best way you can -- on foot.
by Jody Dean
Jan 6, 2014
The jetstream and the potholes
The country is in a deep freeze today, but in NYC it's the yo-yoing temperatures that stand out. Meterologists wonder if a stuttering jet stream, caused by declining Arctic sea ice, is behind the swings.
by Richard Reiss
Dec 19, 2013
How would you design the future NYC?
In the third of our TEDxCity2.0 videos, from an event hosted by City Atlas and the sus­tain­able cof­fee bar COFFEED, Eric Sander­son intro­duces Man­na­hatta 2409. Dr. Sander­son is a Senior Con­ser­va­tion Ecol­o­gist at the Wildlife Con­ser­va­tion Soci­ety, and the cre­ator of the inter­ac­tive project Welikia​.org about the nat­ural his­tory of New York City (includ­ing the land­scape of Man­hat­tan, orig­i­nally called […]
by City Atlas
Dec 17, 2013
Citizenship in the 21st century
If a part of the body could think, it would never think it could survive at the cost of the whole. If we accept the extreme interconnectedness of different systems and processes on the Earth, this same concept can be applied on a societal level.
by Pamela Soto
Dec 10, 2013
How NYC gets cooler: NYC°CoolRoofs
In the sec­ond of our TEDxCity2.0 videos, from an event hosted by City Atlas and the sus­tain­able cof­fee bar COFFEED, Dia­hann Billings-Burford, New York City’s first Chief Ser­vice Offi­cer, talks about launch­ing NYC Ser­vice and the city-led vol­un­teer ini­tia­tive NYC°CoolRoofs. NYC°CoolRoofs leads vol­un­teers to com­bat heat from cli­mate change by paint­ing rooftops reflec­tive white. Over 5100 vol­un­teers have worked with […]
by City Atlas
Dec 5, 2013
Financing an equitable and resilient future
The New York City Bar recently hosted a con­fer­ence focused on Recov­ery, Adap­ta­tion, Mit­i­ga­tion, and Plan­ning, or RAMP, one of the many urban plan­ning ideas devel­oped in response to Hur­ri­cane Sandy’s impact on the city. RAMP is an ini­tia­tive of the Pratt Insti­tute, which is focus­ing on pub­lic pro­grams to address the issues of a chang­ing cli­mate. The […]
by Nicholas MacDonald