Jul 27, 2018
NYC Commitments to the C40 Consortium of World Cities
Is New York City meeting its own commitments to the Paris Agreement goals?
by Catherine McVay Hughes
Jul 20, 2018
An urgent call for creative young people is making a call to creative young people for climate solutions; contest entries due August 8.
by Bridget Scanlon
Feb 1, 2018
Fighting climate change in California
Edgar McGregor is an amateur climatologist and founder of He’s also a high school senior in Pasadena, California. This essay is an entry in the Cambridge University/Climate Tracker essay contest. From a Mediterranean climate to desert climate, and from warm to hot, California has been severely impacted by climate change. Everywhere one travels, evidence of […]
by Edgar McGregor
Jan 22, 2018
Climate writers: Cambridge wants to hear your story
Are you a writer in an undergraduate program or in grad school? Or, a recent graduate? Do you have a personal story to tell about climate change? Enter by 2/2 for the chance to tell your story at Cambridge University.
by Richard Reiss
Dec 29, 2017
The conscience of a graphic novelist
Given the imperative of fast action on climate, 2018 must be a year that prioritizes decisions rather than simply adds more detail to a story we already know. 2017 already brought three books that tell us enough about what we need to do and why: Peter Kalmus’s Being the Change, Brett Favaro’s The Carbon Code, […]
by Truly Johnson
Sep 26, 2017
C40 at Climate Week: Cities have a 2020 deadline
In his speech at C40 Talks, Mayor de Blasio said, “We do not have the luxury of time when it comes to climate action."
by Catherine McVay Hughes
Oct 30, 2016
Why do we live by the water, and what should we do now?
Workshops for Lower Manhattan's Coastal Resiliency Project let the members of public speak up about what kind of seawall we want to have.
by Angie Koo
Jul 26, 2016
Climate Change: Impacts and Solutions (Yale Club of NYC)
'2016 marks the point where we realize that climate change is deeply intertwined with problems like poverty, inequality, and the long-term sustainability of the planet.'
by Daniella Penn
Jun 27, 2016
A sea level walk, and Klaus Jacob
Let’s assume Landmarks Preservation designation for the entire city – what would be necessary to keep it above water at the end of the century?
by Lilas Randrianarivony
May 25, 2016
Sidewalk Labs launches Link, more to come
Can a new initiative from Daniel Doctoroff and Google advance the civic conversation on climate change?
by Emily Rutland
May 17, 2016
An energy town hall on the Upper East Side
The most modern idea in architecture is the Passive House, which only needs a tiny amount of heating and cooling as compared to a conventional structure. We learned more at a town hall on energy.
by Angie Koo
May 2, 2016
Driving an electric car in NYC
The doors are funny and the accelerator pedal too, but driving a BMW i3 made tree counting more fun.
by Lilas Randrianarivony
Mar 29, 2016
Beginning the Baykeeper
Andrew Willner, Founding Director
In recent years, science and policy have been catching up with Andrew Willner's vision for a sustainable harbor.
by Ana Cecilia Deustua
Dec 15, 2015
The Natural History Museum
Beka Economopoulos, Co-Founder
"Museums are leaders, and we're asking them to demonstrate their leadership."
by Angie Koo
Dec 4, 2015
Art in the Bronx, of the Bronx
An art exhibit explores culture, change, and community in the South Bronx, and falls at a particularly relevant time.
by Jonah Garnick
Nov 28, 2015
More scenes from the plan to save the planet
Kaia Rose's episodic documentary is an easily understood guide to the story of the century.
by Angie Koo
Nov 18, 2015
Walter Meyer
Co-Founder, Power Rockaways Resilience
The Power Rockaways Resilience team developed cultural knowledge so valuable that it led to an award from the White House.
by Francesca Luberti
Oct 25, 2015
Behind the scenes of the plan to save the planet
"Me? I’m a film­maker, so I’m not going to invent the next bat­tery. What can I do? Well, I can make a web-series about this."
by Angie Koo