5 Sites for Buying Local Food Online, NYC Uses Tech to Solve Traffic Problems, and More Transit Tidbits

NYC makes Mash­able’s list of 4 cities using tech to solve traf­fic prob­lems. Also from Mash­able5 Sites to Help You Shop For Local Food Online. In trans­porta­tion head­li­nes: Cool Graph of East Side Select Bus Ser­vice Impact. Also: Bike Facil­i­ties = Good for Busi­ness­es.

4 Cities Using Tech to Alle­vi­ate Traf­ficThe Glob­al Inno­va­tion Series is sup­port­ed by BMW i, a new con­cept ded­i­cat­ed to pro­vid­ing mobil­i­ty solu­tions for the urban envi­ron­ment. It deliv­ers more than pur­pose-built elec­tric vehi­cles — it deliv­ers smart mobil­i­ty ser­vices. Vis­it bmw​-​i​.com or fol­low @BMWi on Twit­ter. There are one bil­lion cars on the road, and that num­ber could reach 2.5 bil­lion by 2020.













5 Sites for Shop­ping Local Food OnlineAbout 97% of con­sumers used online media to shop local in 2010, accord­ing to a study by BIA/Kelsey and Con­Stat. Now, that wasn’t all food shop­ping of course, but the sta­tis­tics show that giv­ing mon­ey to local busi­ness­es is more of a pri­or­i­ty than ever.














Streets­blog New York City » Graphed: How East Side Select Bus Ser­vice Cut Trip Times and Gained Rid­ersby Noah Kazis on Novem­ber 15, 2011 Yes­ter­day, we report­ed on the impres­sive gains in speed and rid­er­ship along the First and Sec­ond Avenue Select Bus Ser­vice route. Since then, NYC DOT and the MTA released their offi­cial pro­gress report on the project. It’s full of graph­ics that show the boost for bus rid­ers even more clear­ly.














Streets​blog​.net » More Evi­dence That Bike Facil­i­ties Are Good for Local Busi­ness­esIt’s a shame busi­ness­es so often line up again­st bet­ter bike infra­struc­ture. Believ­ing that busi­ness depends on cus­tomers who dri­ve, local store own­ers have opposed bike improve­ments in Philadel­phia, Mem­phis and many oth­er cities. But research shows that bike facil­i­ties and local busi­ness­es are, in fact, com­ple­men­tary.