A Glimpse of the City, 1968


As not­ed on the NY Times City Blog, the Cri­te­ri­on Col­lec­tion has upload­ed exper­i­men­tal film­mak­er Hol­lis Frampton’s 1968 time-lapse walk from the Brook­lyn Bridge to Cen­tral Park (above). New York was a grit­tier city, and much of down­town Man­hat­tan still had light indus­try in it. Oth­er notes from a view­ing (quick reflex­es on the freeze-frame nec­es­sary, but the images are sharp): in exact­ly the same place is The Strand Book­store. Biggest cul­tur­al change imme­di­ate­ly evi­dent: the amount of lit­ter in the park. Since the film was shot on a week­end, many streets are emp­ty, leav­ing the best peo­ple-watch­ing to the final stretch, on the park paths and around Bethes­da Foun­tain.