White Out Global Warming

Lena Huang, the­sis for BFA, Par­sons The New School for Design 2011

White Out Global Warm­ing is an upbeat, ani­mated pub­lic ser­vice announce­ment advo­cat­ing paint­ing rooftops white to cool down NYC in the summer.

Paint­ing rooftops white is a sim­ple and cost effec­tive way to reduce energy con­sump­tion by reflect­ing the sun’s heat, low­er­ing cool­ing costs, and in turn mit­i­gat­ing global warm­ing. This piece raises aware­ness on cer­tain fac­tors par­tic­u­lar to urban envi­ron­ments such as “Urban Heat Island”, the phe­nom­e­non of exces­sive heat build-up in large cities caused by solar radi­a­tion being absorbed and retained in build­ing mate­ri­als such as metal, con­crete and asphalt.

The play­ful style of this PSA encour­ages view­ers to do their part against what may seem an oth­er­wise insur­mount­able global prob­lem. Some­thing as sim­ple as paint­ing rooftops white is a sur­pris­ingly effec­tive as well as finan­cially reward­ing solution.

Thanks to Jun Sassa, Veron­ica A. Lawlor, Matt Siegel, Tom Wen, friends and fam­ily.
Infor­ma­tion and facts from White Tops non profit org and nyc​.gov.
Music: Lost of a wheel part 2 by Metronomy.