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Energetic Press:

Grist: 5 board games for a world that’s falling apart 6/16/20

Nature: Fell, M.J., Schneiders, A. Make fun of your research. 5/6/20. 

Grist: Johnson, N. Save New York with this board game 3/17/20


Energetic Partners and Advisors:

Dr. Greg Guannel and Ariel Stoltz, Caribbean Green Technology Center, University of the Virgin Islands – Letter of Support

Julien Dossier, co-author of the sustainability plan for Paris, Paris 2050

Rebecca Willis, Expert Lead on the UK Climate Assembly

Tim Sevcik Gilman, RETI Center, Resilience and Sustainability Nonprofit; Red Hook, Brooklyn – Letter of Support 

Jonathan Gilligan, Vanderbilt UniversityLetter of Support

Sandra Goldmark, Barnard College • Columbia University, Letter of Support

Paulina Jaramillo, Carnegie Mellon University, Letter of Support

Kristy Nguyen, W!se Institute NYC; W!se creates specialized teaching modules for New York City public high schools, and Energetic has become part of their new sustainability module. – Letter of Support

Context for Energetic:


A Twitter thread from David Wallace-Wells

“The coronavirus has produced an unprecedented drop in carbon emissions. But to avoid catastrophic warming of two degrees Celsius, we need to cut emissions 50% faster still, every single year this decade.”


“Social tipping dynamics for stabilizing Earth’s climate by 2050” Otto, et al. PNAS February 2020

“[Social tipping interventions] in the education system.

Many examples of research confirm the role of education in social transformations (114) and tackling climate change concerns (115, 116)…While many teachers include some, often thin, coverage of climate change (117), comprehensive approaches at all levels of public education are still rare. Lack of knowledge about the causes, impacts, and solutions to climate change was the most easily identifiable individual barrier to engagement in climate action…(118)