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Feb 14, 2015
How can global finance...help the globe?
Can global finance rapidly shift gears to trigger a new wave of sustainable investing?
by Jamie Carpenter
Aug 20, 2014
Keeping Citi Bike(r )s alive
While the excellent safety record has been a major success for the Citi Bike program, its economics are less encouraging.
by Gabriela Kappes
Jul 11, 2014
Vision Zero becomes the law
In line with Vision Zero, the recent city initiative to reduce traffic-related injuries and deaths, on June 23 Mr. de Blasio signed 11 new traffic bills into law which are designed to tighten traffic enforcement and traffic data collection efforts.
by Gabriela Kappes
Jun 24, 2014
The business case for fast action on climate
This morning the Risky Business project released, “A Climate Risk Assessment For the United States.” The group formed to evaluate the economic risks of climate change in the United States and found that they are both immediate and immense.
by Abigail Carney
Jun 25, 2013
Composting, the Bloomberg way
Composting bins for all residences and businesses in New York City may not be far off.
by Jennifer Davis
Jul 18, 2012
300-square-foot apartments in the city?
At this moment, the minimum size of an apartment required by law is at least 400 square feet. adAPT NYC's goal is to "create additional choice within New York City’s housing market."
by Yves Lankouande
Feb 14, 2012
Bloomberg on Cities and Climate Change: “Cities are Forging Ahead”
Mayor Bloomberg, Chair of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group wrote a post today on the C40 Cities blog about the important actions that New York and other C40 Cities have been taking against climate change. Referencing PlaNYC, he wrote that “In less than five years, we have planted more than a half-million new trees. We’ve banned […]
by Vesna Petrin
Dec 16, 2011
The world's mayors should have broader role in climate debate: Bloomberg
“Cities should be given seats at the table when international sustainability policies are mapped,” said Mayor Bloomberg, speaking at the United Nations on Thursday 12/15. “In every corner of the globe, cities are at the forefront of climate change action.” But too often, he said, “cities lack the power, resources, or the expertise to go […]
by Richard Reiss
Jul 25, 2011
NYC has a plan to become the leading digital city. What do you want to see in the digital future of our city?
Announcing the Road Map for the Digital City: A Plan to Make NYC the Nation’s Leading Digital CityNew York City already excels in the field in many ways, but there is more we can do, and we will. We want New York City to be the nation’s premier digital City – in how local government […]
by City Atlas