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Dec 31, 2017
New York Society for Ethical Culture
Monica Weiss and Richard Koral
The New York Society for Ethical Culture is a humanist community that has been dedicated to social justice and education since its founding in 1876. At a time when other nonprofit institutions, including major universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia, have failed to divest and have so far failed to rebuild their curricula with […]
by Emily Rutland
2nd-3rd Nov 2016, 12:00am-12:00am
Climate Change and Sustainable Investment in Natural Resources: From Consensus to Action
As the world seeks to move from consensus to action on climate change, one burning question remains: can natural resource investments be sustainable in the age of climate change? This Conference brings together diverse stakeholders to explore the key challenges of and necessary steps to developing and implementing such a vision. The Conference takes as […]
by Marlyn Marrero
19th Feb 2016, 12:00am-12:00am
The Road From Paris: Debrief +
The “Road From Paris” is planned as a series of symposia and discussions concerning the outcomes, both positive and negative, of the Paris 2015 Conference on climate change. This first session will be a briefing on the outcomes of the Paris talks. Its successes and failures -- what was achieved and what was not achieved.
by Angie Koo
Dec 15, 2015
The Natural History Museum
Beka Economopoulos, Co-Founder
"Museums are leaders, and we're asking them to demonstrate their leadership."
by Angie Koo
12th Dec 2015, 12:00am-12:00am
COP21 - Protect What You Love/ Climate Justice Now! @ Liberty Island!
When world leaders meet at the COP21 global climate talks in December, we need to signal that our movement stands strong and united to protect all we love from rising seas and the tyranny of planet-warming fossil fuels. Please join 350NYC, 350BK, 350NJ and allied groups on Saturday, December 12th (the day the Paris talks conclude) in a highly visible event, followed by a press conference at Battery Park, NYC!
by Chiara Zaccheo
9th Dec 2015, 12:00am-12:00am
From Paris to New York: A People's Agenda for Preventing Climate Change
Join us for a discussion about plans to stop our reliance on fossil fuels and transition to renewable energy in New York. We’ll receive updates on what’s happening in Paris. And we’ll learn from community leaders about plans to divest from fossil fuels, stop fracking infrastructure, and create a just transition to clean energy.
by Chiara Zaccheo
Nov 28, 2015
More scenes from the plan to save the planet
Kaia Rose's episodic documentary is an easily understood guide to the story of the century.
by Angie Koo
15th Nov 2015, 12:00am-12:00am
Climate Countdown - Film Screening & Panel Discussion
Join us for the first screening event of the Climate Countdown webseries at Columbia University. The event will showcase episodes from the series, as well as two seperate expert panel discussions on the webseries and climate media at large.
by Angie Koo
Oct 25, 2015
Behind the scenes of the plan to save the planet
"Me? I’m a film­maker, so I’m not going to invent the next bat­tery. What can I do? Well, I can make a web-series about this."
by Angie Koo
Oct 9, 2015
British scientist gives best human rights talk of the year
"This is not about just incremental change. This is about whole system change. And this applies to all of us, whatever sphere of influence we have."
by Richard Reiss