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Dec 29, 2017
The conscience of a graphic novelist
Given the imperative of fast action on climate, 2018 must be a year that prioritizes decisions rather than simply adds more detail to a story we already know. 2017 already brought three books that tell us enough about what we need to do and why: Peter Kalmus’s Being the Change, Brett Favaro’s The Carbon Code, […]
by Truly Johnson
8th Sep 2016, 12:00am-12:00am
U.S. Coal in the 21st Century: Markets, Bankruptcy, Finance and Law
U.S. Coal in the 21st Century: Markets, Bankruptcy, Finance and Law
by colette
20th Jul 2016, 12:00am-12:00am
Climate Change: Impacts and Solutions
Come hear current experts from a range of sectors discuss climate change and share their solutions-based approaches.
by colette
May 25, 2016
Sidewalk Labs launches Link, more to come
Can a new initiative from Daniel Doctoroff and Google advance the civic conversation on climate change?
by Emily Rutland
Mar 29, 2016
Beginning the Baykeeper
Andrew Willner, Founding Director
In recent years, science and policy have been catching up with Andrew Willner's vision for a sustainable harbor.
by Ana Cecilia Deustua
Oct 9, 2015
British scientist gives best human rights talk of the year
"This is not about just incremental change. This is about whole system change. And this applies to all of us, whatever sphere of influence we have."
by Richard Reiss
Sep 9, 2015
Can positive thinking be the key to our big CO2 fix?
Public opinion lags scientific understanding of climate, and so our political system doesn't move fast enough. A new book offers ideas to change that around.
by Nicolas Maiarelli
Aug 20, 2015
Marshall Saunders
Founder, Citizen's Climate Lobby
Citizens Climate Lobby aims to price carbon, solve climate change, and to do it in a way that crosses Amer­i­can polit­i­cal bar­ri­ers. Founded by a Texan, after the creek behind his childhood home dried up.
by Francesca Luberti
May 5, 2015
Here Comes Solar: residential solar comes to NYC
Will solar panels soon become as iconic to New York's rooftops as the ubiquitous water tower?
by Rowan Wu
Feb 23, 2015
A new book about what we don't know
Gernot Wagner is an economist who focuses on what he doesn’t know. Tail events, the black swans, the unknown unknowns. The future.
by Jamie Carpenter
Feb 14, 2015
How can global finance...help the globe?
Can global finance rapidly shift gears to trigger a new wave of sustainable investing?
by Jamie Carpenter
Jun 12, 2014
The power of local governments to plan for climate change
In a country where the president has been forced to work around Congress on climate strategy, the onus may be on local governments to take the challenge of long-term climate planning into their own hands. And local governments around the U.S. and the globe seem to be attempting just that, according to the results of the Urban Climate Change Governance Survey.
by Deborah Secular
Apr 21, 2014
An introduction to the sharing economy
Can the sharing economy help solve global problems like climate change?
by Jordan Steingard
2nd Apr 2014, 12:00am-12:00am
Can Consumption Change the World?
Join a panel of environmentalists, economists, anthropologists, and entrepreneurs as they examine the
life cycle of the goods we buy—from conception and design to labor and manufacturing, through repair and disposal. How are each of these stages interconnected, and what changes to our consumption habits could truly be impactful?
by Ann Dunlap
2nd Oct 2013, 12:00am-12:00am
The Five Thousand Pound Life
For more information about The Five Thousand Pound Life, read an introductory essay here. In the opening event of The Five Thousand Pound Life, Anthony Leiserowitz will frame the different ways in which Americans perceive the threat of climate change, how we understand our collective and individual capacity to address it, and how willing we are […]
by Nicholas MacDonald
Apr 2, 2013
Why luxury developments are lonely and why we should care
When a New York City broker recently sold a condo in the opulent One57 building for $6.5 million to a Chinese woman, he expected her to move in immediately. However, when he asked what she was looking for, she said it was not for her but for her daughter, who would be attending school in the city, […]
by Taylor Seidel
Nov 27, 2012
Manhattan, coffee island
Although no coffee beans are grown in Manhattan, for many reasons it is truly the coffee island. Rachel Northrop brings us on a big apple tour behind the bean.
by Rachel Northrop
Nov 13, 2012
Put sustainable city development on the national agenda
After the storm, Kaizhong Huang's take on sustainability in the national arena
by Kaizhong Huang