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28th Mar 2018, 12:00am-12:00am
March Forum: Sustainable Policy 201
The Policy 201 forum will engage students, professionals and interested citizens from across the sustainable spectrum in order to gain a deeper understanding of the different environmental policies and regulations currently in place and how they are interconnected to influence future policy standards. At the conclusion of this forum, we hope to better understand where […]
by Ashley Brown
5th Dec 2017, 12:00am-12:00am
Greening the Grid: New York's Energy Future
Explore the future of energy in New York City in the face of changing demand, the rise of renewables, and the advent of community-based generation and distribution in a conversation with leading experts in urban design and sustainability.  Charles Allison, Associate Professor of Professional Practice, The New School Bomee Jung, Vice President of Energy and Sustainability, NYC Housing […]
by Sophie Freedman
24th May 2017, 12:00am-12:00am
The Steely City
The next Urban Salon will focus on resiliency, both in the material sense and in the social sense. We will explore models of the "future New York" in the face of climate change and (other yet to occur crises) and the lived experience of past events, most memorably and recently, Hurricane Sandy. How have New Yorkers stood up in times when resilience is required? How can you plan for community response for future events? How can New York continue to grow in an equitable and sustainable way? How do we see issues of equity surface at moments such as Hurricane Sandy and in the government's response? Given the recent election and the uncertainty around federal support for urban infrastructure projects, how can and should New York plan for the future? The panel will be held in Package Free Shop, a recently opened mecca for living zero-waste.
by Angie Koo
Aug 3, 2015
Bjarke Ingels and Kim Stanley Robinson at IDEAS CITY
"An ounce of laws is worth 10,000 pounds of rhetoric."
by Paul Rivers
2nd May 2015, 12:00am-12:00am
Tour Fulton Center Station
Walk with Projjal Dutta, Director of Sustainability Initiatives at the MTA, from the shuttered South Ferry station to Fulton Center station, a gleaming new transit center for downtown New York.
by Richard Reiss
10th Apr 2015, 12:00am-12:00am
Institute for Public Architecture Presents: An Inventory of What’s Possible
On April 10 at the Pratt Institute architects, historians, urban advocates, and city officials will present case studies of completed work, addressing design excellence and community priorities.
by Madeleine Levin
Jul 29, 2014
A local guide to FringeNYC
With shows from over 200 companies appearing at FringeNYC, the program guide may feel intimidating. Here, we suggest a few shows that are relevant to what we care about at City Atlas: New York and its future.
by City Atlas
Jul 22, 2014
DJs & and sculpture blend on Saturdays at MoMA PS1 Warm Up
City Atlas attended Warm Up at MoMA PS1 to dance, give out temporary tattoos, and hang out in a fungi sculpture. Warm Up, an outdoor music series, will take place every Saturday through September 6 in the courtyard of MoMA PS1.
by Abigail Carney
Apr 3, 2014
Looking deep into the future of Manhattan
Eric Sanderson’s new interactive urban design website, Mannahatta2409.org, challenges users to see the natural landscape that is still possible within the city.
by Ann Dunlap
Oct 11, 2013
Does New York need a new scale model?
How can the pub­lic best visu­al­ize New York City — and sur­round­ing coast­line — chang­ing in the years after Hur­ri­cane Sandy? A proposal for a scale model of the city and waterfront.
by Peter Fleischer
Oct 8, 2013
The future of Southern Manhattan
Other boroughs suffered equal, or more brutal, direct consequences from Hurricane Sandy, but the visual impact of a darkened Manhattan captured the imagination.
by Taylor Seidel
Jul 9, 2013
Book review: Terra Nova: The New World After Oil, Cars, and Suburbs
Cheap oil built the modern American landscape. Now what? Eric Sanderson has some ideas.
by Teddy Kuo
Jun 13, 2013
Kim Stanley Robinson: utopia and how to get there
According to writer Kim Stanley Robinson, we must abandon the 'middle way' of coping with crisis, and understand that utopia is possible. But how?
by Jennifer Davis
Mar 11, 2013
Millennials choose computers and phones over cars
Does the survey reveal a conscious millennial step toward smaller carbon footprints?
by Mia Brezin
Feb 15, 2012
Bruce Mau, Robert Hammond, David Bragdon: Three Compelling Interviews
Bruce Mau, Robert Hammond, and David Bragdon are each leaders in thinking about the city and how it can change. We present links to three recent interviews with them here
by Richard Reiss
Feb 13, 2012
A Different Approach to Rising Sea Levels
While some city planners are thinking pragmatically about how the city will have to respond to rising sea levels, a recent article (with some great photos to go with it) over at The Atlantic Cities website shows an inventive and fanciful approach for adapting Manhattan to a more watery future. Architects Tingwei Xu and Xie Zhang have imagined […]
by Jesse Bakker
Dec 14, 2011
Urban Catalysts
"Cities are evolving at an unprecedented speed and demand whole new forms of intelligence," says Mark Wigley, Dean of Columbia University GSAPP
by Richard Reiss
Aug 8, 2011
Stefan Sagmeister, Khoi Vinh, Ji Lee
Three of New York's top graphic designers talk about design, its impact and the city.
"Listening and understanding the other side are the first steps to a truly meaningful exchange..." -- Ji Lee
by Sascha Mombartz