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Nov 28, 2015
More scenes from the plan to save the planet
Kaia Rose's episodic documentary is an easily understood guide to the story of the century.
by Angie Koo
18th Jun 2014, 12:00am-12:00am
Judith Enck addresses President Obama's Climate Action Plan
Judith Enck of the EPA will be discussing President Obama's Climate Action Plan.
by Erin X. Wong
Jun 12, 2014
The power of local governments to plan for climate change
In a country where the president has been forced to work around Congress on climate strategy, the onus may be on local governments to take the challenge of long-term climate planning into their own hands. And local governments around the U.S. and the globe seem to be attempting just that, according to the results of the Urban Climate Change Governance Survey.
by Deborah Secular
Nov 13, 2012
Put sustainable city development on the national agenda
After the storm, Kaizhong Huang's take on sustainability in the national arena
by Kaizhong Huang
Jan 17, 2012
Will the next mayor continue PlaNYC?
Since his first term began, ten years ago, Mayor Bloomberg’s presence at the helm has gone on so long and with such assurance that it often feels like a permanent condition of New York. Whether one agrees with every aspect of his vision for the city, his combination of great personal wealth and little political opposition […]
by Richard Reiss
Oct 26, 2011
Future of Solar and Wind Power May Hinge on Federal Aid
Questions arise as to whether the wind and solar power industries could continue growing quickly without government tax credits and other incentives.Source: www.nytimes.com, via City Atlas
by City Atlas