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May 2, 2016
Driving an electric car in NYC
The doors are funny and the accelerator pedal too, but driving a BMW i3 made tree counting more fun.
by Lilas Randrianarivony
24th May 2014, 12:00am-12:00am
Apply for a MillionTreesNYC mini-grant!
Apply for a grant to care for trees in your neighborhood.
by Abigail Carney
May 21, 2014
Apply for a MillionTreesNYC mini-grant
Simple magic. Urban trees improve air qual­ity, unite neigh­bor­hoods, decrease storm water runoff, increase real estate val­ues, and reduce heat­ing and cool­ing costs. And they look beautiful when they get big.
by Abigail Carney
Mar 16, 2014
Spring 2014 tree giveaways have begun
Pick up your free tree! In partnership with community organizations in Queens, NYRP is giving away trees. NYC residents can pick up free trees and learn how to plant and care for them. Mark your calendars with the date and location that works for you. MillionTreesNYC, one of the 132 PlaNYC initiatives, is a citywide, […]
by Trude Chandler
Oct 8, 2013
A team greens a patch of city in Kensington, Brooklyn
One kind of resilience might start with a few spare Fridays of digging and planting on some blocks near your friend's house.
by Romeo Ardimento
Mar 13, 2013
A new word for NYC: bioswales
In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy the issue of New York’s vulnerability to flooding has stepped to the forefront of media concerns. And rightly so. With a mountain of scientific data indicating the future holds increased threats from global warming, a coastal city like New York can ill afford to ignore the problem of flooding. […]
by Patrick O'Neill
Feb 19, 2013
New York City named one of ten best U.S. cities for urban forests
Always a refreshing respite from the concrete jungle, Central Park and its acres of welcoming trees are highly valued by most New Yorkers, but few know the incredible sustainable effects of this urban forest. Last week, New York City was named to the American Forest organization’s list of top ten U.S. Cities for Urban Forests. As […]
by Taylor Seidel
Apr 24, 2012
Attention New Yorkers! Would You Like A Free Tree?
MillionTreesNYC – Tree Giveaway Calendar Trees will be given away to NYC residents on a first-come, first-served basis until supplies run out. One tree can be adopted per address. Please note that trees cannot be planted on rooftops, terraces, or in city parks. Simple tree planting and care instructions come with your tree. All you […]
by Jeff Kasper
Sep 17, 2011
Request a Street Tree : New York City Department of Parks & Recreation
by City Atlas
Aug 2, 2011
Get a tree, plant a tree, and help NYC breathe easier!
via Milliontreesnyc
by City Atlas