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Vision Zero becomes the law

In line with Vision Zero, the recent city initiative to reduce traffic-related injuries and deaths, on June 23 Mr. de Blasio signed 11 new traffic bills into law which are designed to tighten traffic enforcement and traffic data collection efforts.

A survey on extreme weather for every New York City resident

We offer a new sur­vey, created by a team at Columbia University, to City Atlas read­ers to help guide policy-making in New York City. Please take it — it may be important in shaping how the city prepares for future events like Sandy.

How Would You Make Policy Public?

CUP (Center for Urban Pedagogy) is seeking collaborators for the next four issues of Making Policy Public, their publication series that uses graphic and information design to explore and explain complex public policy issues.

New Congestion Charge in Milan

Following in London and Stockholm’s footsteps, Milan has recently introduced a new congestion charge in an effort to reduce traffic – and the initial results…