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13th Dec 2016, 12:00am-12:00am
What does it take to install solar photovoltaics in NYC? What are some of the challenges that public and private institutions face in pursuing maximal system size and deployment? Join an in-depth discussion with representatives from NYC Economic Development Corporation, NYC Department of Education, and NYC Department of Citywide Administrative Services. Learn about legislation mandating […]
by Richard Reiss
May 23, 2015
The great nuclear hope returns
One puzzle on which top experts disagree is the role of nuclear power in providing a solution to climate change.
by Rowan Wu
May 5, 2015
Here Comes Solar: residential solar comes to NYC
Will solar panels soon become as iconic to New York's rooftops as the ubiquitous water tower?
by Rowan Wu
Sep 28, 2014
How far can wind, water and solar take us?
Solving climate change means replacing our energy system: the climate change problem is largely a zero carbon global energy development problem. But changing the world’s energy system is easier said than done: economics, global politics, domestic politics, technology, and our personal energy use have to align to make change possible. Each factor influences the next, and time is […]
by Erin X. Wong
Nov 8, 2012
Sandy volunteer info, day 8
The city has teamed with AirBnB so you can offer space in your home to displaced fellow New Yorkers by signing up online. NYC Service, Occupy Sandy and other volunteer groups (including Sandy Help, shown above, featured early on in the NYT) continue to provide crucial support to people in distress, particularly by reaching homebound elderly that remain without power or […]
by Richard Reiss
Aug 31, 2012
A supergroup forms in the anti-fracking movement
Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono joined with activist Mark Ruffalo at a Manhattan press conference this week, adding their voices to the anti-fracking movement at a time when Governor Cuomo is in the late stages of a fateful determination about permitting fracking in New York State.
by Richard Reiss
Jun 13, 2012
IBM & CUNY: A solar power relationship for NYC
IBM recently teamed up with CUNY Ventures, a CUNY Economic Development Corporation entity, to develop its smart cities technology with a focus on urban solar market analysis and sustainability.
by Yves Lankouande
Sep 27, 2011
Recharge with 10 Solar-Powered Designs
Keep power-hungry gadgets charged while you're on the go.
by City Atlas