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Sep 17, 2012
Thank You For Crafting With Us!
Many thanks to everyone who helped Textile Lab felt together two amazing textiles to give to the farmers at Garden Of Eve and Norwich Meadows Farm. The farms bartered food in exchange for handcrafted textiles at the Unsold Supper Event on Saturday. The feast was incredible… it was an amazing end to a beautiful day at the market!
by Laura Sansone
Sep 14, 2012
Textile Lab At "Unsold Supper" Event Tomorrow 9/15
Join Textile Lab tomorrow Saturday September 15th from 4-6 with our friends from  Our Goods to engage, create and feast at the “Unsold Supper” Event. We will be felting gifts to give to the farmers using local, naturally dyed fiber!  Please see our revised Greenmarket schedule below for September, October and November. Textile Lab will […]
by Laura Sansone
Sep 8, 2012
Colors Found At Tompkins Square Park Market!
We made dyes last week at the Tompkins Square Market with sage and radish tops from Acevedo Farm, Pine Island, NY. Below are the colors and pictures from the market. Please join us this Saturday 9/15 [UPDATED: at the Union Square Greenmarket]. We will be there from 3pm-6pm creating dyes and  spinning local, naturally dyed […]
by Laura Sansone
Aug 31, 2012
Textile Lab: Color palette from Greenpoint, Brooklyn
At the Greenpoint Greenmarket we created dyes with rosemary and cilantro from Osczepinski Farm, Goshen, NY. Farmer Joe from Healthway Farms gave us some red cabbage to make dye with! Here is the color palette:     Below are pictures from our visit:    
by Laura Sansone
Aug 23, 2012
Textile Lab Visits Fort Greene Park In Brooklyn!
We had a successful visit to the Greenmarket at the Fort Greene Park last Saturday. We made dye with  marigolds from Rexcroft Farms in Athens NY, carrot tops from Conuco Farm in New Paltz NY and mint from J Glebocki Farms LLC. We also met many people from the Fort Greene neighborhood. There were many questions […]
by Laura Sansone