Micro Textile Lab

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One mini-grant went to Laura Sansone, who has used it to make her Micro Textile Lab — an invention which she is now bringing to Greenmarkets around the city. Laura uses the Micro Textile Lab to teach people natural dyeing, spinning and weaving. You can follow Laura’s progress in the accompanying blog.


Original proposal : Micro Textile Lab

“I am proposing the development and fabrication of a Micro Textile Lab, a small mobile kitchen and workstation to be used for the development, and use of natural textile dyes that are harvested from the farm stands at the GrowNYC Greenmarkets. The micro lab project links the local food economy to textile production and draws attention to the urban greenmarket as an important venue for local food and fiber producers. The Micro Textile Lab will enable me to continue the research I have been engaged in that involves sustainable textile design, and its connection to the city greenmarket, local farming and food.”

Laura Sansone links (1, 2)

Mobile Textile Lab