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Jun 20, 2014
The White Roof Project's Mega Efficiency Party
The White Roof Project, along with Green Drinks NYC and Solar One, hosted a Mega Efficiency Party this past Tuesday evening in an effort to showcase several NYC based organizations' energy efficiency products and tips.
by Trude Chandler
Mar 25, 2012
East River Blueway
The Office of Man­hat­tan Bor­ough Pres­i­dent Scott Stringer in col­lab­o­ra­tion with the Office of New York State Assem­bly­mem­ber Brian Kavanagh and other part­ners, has com­mis­sioned a team led by WXY Archi­tec­ture + Urban Design to develop the East River Blue­way Plan, a com­mu­nity– based water­front plan­ning ini­tia­tive. The project will con­sider Manhattan’s East River water­front between the […]
by Ian Umeda
Feb 12, 2012
Green Map NYC
Link: Green Map NYC For all peo­ple ready to par­tic­i­pate in cre­at­ing a healthy, sus­tain­able and just world, Green Map Sys­tem offers a direct path­way to the sig­nif­i­cant eco­log­i­cal, cul­tural and civic resources near home through our locally pub­lished and inter­ac­tive maps, our glob­ally rec­og­nized icons and map­mak­ing tools, and com­mu­ni­ca­tions net­work link­ing Map­mak­ers in more than 55 countries. […]
by Ian Umeda
Oct 31, 2011
Rate New York City’s privately owned public spaces
Check out this map showing NYC's privately owned public spaces, and share your experiences going there., via City Atlas
by City Atlas
Oct 25, 2011
GrowNYC Green­mar­kets are as diverse as the city itself! Down­load this map here. Down­load the 2011 PDF map of all NYC Green­mar­kets.     Related:ioby​.org Projects Mapby Nathan StoreyInter­ac­tive Map of the Water­front from the Met­ro­pol­i­tan Water­front Allianceby Nathan StoreyMy Block NYC — Awe­some Video Map of NYC Streetsby Nathan StoreyReport issues in your neigh­bor­hood with […]
by Nathan Storey
Sep 15, 2011
OASIS NYC Map Makes Loads of Geographic Data Available to the Public
Great source for community maps of NYC - free and all in one place.
by City Atlas
Sep 1, 2011
Report issues in your neighborhood with the SeeClickFix map
Explore the SeeClick­Fix map of NYC right from this page, or go to their web­site to become a reg­is­tered SeeClick­Fix cit­i­zen. SeeClick­Fix asks us to “Imag­ine a world where every cit­i­zen feels empow­ered and part of their neigh­bor­hood. Imag­ine if every­one trusted and felt taken care of by their local gov­ern­ment. We know there are already a lot of […]
by Nathan Storey
Jul 27, 2011
My Block NYC - Awesome Video Map of NYC Streets
MyBlock​NYC​.com is an inter­ac­tive map­ping web­site that cap­tures and presents per­sonal video accounts of the life and cul­ture of New York City in order to cre­ate an inti­mate, evolv­ing, and com­plete por­trait of this great city. Users upload videos geo­graph­i­cally, build­ing the first fully inter­ac­tive video map of New York City.   Related:ioby​.org Projects Mapby Nathan […]
by Nathan Storey
Jul 27, 2011
Interactive Map of the Waterfront from the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance
The Met­ro­pol­i­tan Water­front Alliance is the voice of over 500 orga­ni­za­tions with ties to our regional water­ways. Dis­cover who is doing what on the water­front with their inter­ac­tive map. Related:This Sat­ur­day, catch a free ferry to Gov­er­nors Island to enjoy boat tours and other activ­i­ties on City of Water by City AtlasBeaches are open­ing? Beaches are opening! by Kaye […]
by Nathan Storey
Jul 27, 2011 Projects Map
ioby brings envi­ron­men­tal projects to life, block by block. Search this map to find an envi­ron­men­tal project in your backyard. Related:Inter­ac­tive Map of the Water­front from the Met­ro­pol­i­tan Water­front Allianceby Nathan StoreyMy Block NYC — Awe­some Video Map of NYC Streetsby Nathan StoreyReport issues in your neigh­bor­hood with the SeeClick­Fix mapby Nathan StoreyOASIS NYC Map Makes Loads […]
by Nathan Storey
lifestyle Activities
Mar 28, 2015
Bicycling around a warming globe
Part epic journey, part field research: David Kroodsma and Lindsey Fransen bicycled across Asia researching climate. It turns out that low carbon travel is possible with time and strong legs, and probably a much better way to see things.
by Jamie Carpenter
Mar 22, 2015
New York's lead role in solving for the future
A panel at Columbia looked at how New York is taking a leading role in how cities both cope with, and solve, the planetary challenge of climate change.
by Rowan Wu
Mar 12, 2015
Secrets of Brooklyn Bridge Park
What makes this park, a new jewel for New York City, so successful?
by Madeleine Levin
Mar 2, 2015
Joel Towers
Executive Dean, Parsons The New School for Design
"We’re educating students who will go out into the world and have 60 years or more of productive and engaged life. What is the world going to be like 60 years from now?"
by Madeleine Levin
Feb 23, 2015
A new book about what we don't know
Gernot Wagner is an economist who focuses on what he doesn’t know. Tail events, the black swans, the unknown unknowns. The future.
by Jamie Carpenter
Feb 14, 2015
How can global the globe?
Can global finance rapidly shift gears to trigger a new wave of sustainable investing?
by Jamie Carpenter
Jan 25, 2015
Using geology to fix the atmosphere
What if the key to halting climate change lay not in the atmosphere above our heads, but in the rock beneath our feet?
by William Wepsala
Jan 12, 2015
Answering the hardest question on campus
By the time college freshmen graduate in 2018, we'll know whether we've moved quickly enough on climate agreements and behavior change to stay within the 2°C target.
by Abigail Carney
Dec 28, 2014
"In Dutch and English days, immense beds of oysters grew in the harbor. They bordered the shores of Brooklyn and Queens, and they encircled Manhattan, Staten Island, and the islands in the Upper Bay..."
by Katie Conrad
Dec 7, 2014
The wilderness of the Gowanus Canal
Miska Draskoczy’s pho­tog­ra­phy brings to life an area of Brook­lyn that has only recently got­ten major atten­tion – for its real estate poten­tial, Whole Foods estab­lish­ment, and a new wave of gen­tri­fi­ca­tion. But the pho­tographs included in Draskoczy’s recent solo show “Gowanus Wild” (Ground Floor Gallery, Brook­lyn) reveal another Gowanus. The images in the show were all taken at night, usu­ally between mid­night […]
by Chiara Zaccheo
people Interviews About NYC
Mar 2, 2015
Joel Towers
Executive Dean, Parsons The New School for Design
"We’re educating students who will go out into the world and have 60 years or more of productive and engaged life. What is the world going to be like 60 years from now?"
by Madeleine Levin
Sep 17, 2014
China's energy future: an interview with Ella Chou
Ella Chou, an energy consultant and an expert on energy in both the China and the U.S., spoke with City Atlas about China’s energy future, North American energy independence, fracking, and the relationship between China and the U.S.
by Jingwen Tong
Aug 9, 2014
Michael Premo: the idea of home
Michael Premo, artist and activist, spoke to City Atlas about the power of sharing stories, the future of New York as a waterfront city and place for artists, and the importance of home.
by Jingwen Tong
Jun 13, 2014
Gay Talese and a city of permanent change
City Atlas sits down with Gay Talese to learn his thoughts about the future and the past of New York City, which has been his home for 60 years.
by Abigail Carney
Sep 10, 2013
Eddie Bautista
Executive Director, New York City Environmental Justice Alliance
Eddie Bautista, Executive Director of the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance, has spent a lifetime committed to empowering New York’s low-income communities of color.
by Somala Diby
Jul 22, 2013
Curtis Ravenel
Director of Sustainability, Bloomberg L.P.
To really understand how a company is positioned for the future, you have to know how it's managing its environmental impact.
by Calah Singleton
Apr 17, 2013
Mariellé Anzelone
There are few places in Amer­ica where you can you lose your­self in a shaded for­est, take a twenty-minute break to enjoy empanadas at a Mex­i­can bodega, and then return to the wilder­ness to fin­ish your hike. That's what we did with ecol­o­gist Mariellé Anzelone...
by Aaron Reiss
Mar 5, 2013
Claire Weisz
WXY Architecture + Urban Design
"...Our cities all over the country--from Detroit to New Orleans--present the best opportunity for lowering our carbon footprint..."
by Patrick O'Neill
Nov 12, 2012
Hester Street Collaborative
Anne Frederick - Executive Director
"Design allows for the different learning styles to be celebrated and exercised...we see our students keep coming back to learn and they get engaged more and more."
by Jeff Kasper
Sep 30, 2012
Mary Miss
Artist and designer, City As Living Laboratory
"I really have this fantasy, this image, that a community could develop that begins to picture New York in a bigger way."
by Maddie Oliver
archive Existing Projects
Mar 9, 2012
Rising Currents
  Ris­ing Cur­rents was a 2010 exhibit at MoMA fea­tur­ing re-designs of New York City’s water­front, as a way to show­case ideas for resilient, adap­tive pro­tec­tion from ris­ing sea levels. Among the many activ­i­ties and inves­ti­ga­tions tied to the exhibit, the museum par­tic­i­pated in boat tours of the har­bor, allow­ing vis­i­tors to see loca­tions for pro­posed  pro­tec­tive […]
by City Atlas
Feb 22, 2012
Mannahatta 2409: a work in progress
Eric Sanderson, ecologist and creator of the Welikia Project, is now leading a team to create a new version of Mannahatta: an interactive tool that will let visitors experiment with the design of the city of the future.
by City Atlas
Feb 21, 2012
Broadway: 1000 Steps
Artist Mary Miss has embarked on a project to use the length of Broad­way as a space for instal­la­tions that can engage the pub­lic in the city’s plans for the future.  In this video from Arts​Fwd​.org, pre­pared for the Rock­e­feller Foun­da­tion, Mary Miss describes the back­ground and goals of this ambi­tious pub­lic art initiative:     As described […]
by City Atlas
Sep 12, 2011
City Atlas Workshops at Parsons and Hunter
A design workshop at Parsons worked with historical data gathered by a Hunter urban planning class to create information graphics about NYC.
by Ian Umeda
Sep 3, 2011
White Out Global Warming
The playful style of this PSA encourages viewers to do their part. Something as simple as painting rooftops white is surprisingly effective.
by City Atlas
Jul 20, 2011
Tree Museum
Tree Museum was a unique pub­lic art project by Katie Holten, installed on the Grand Con­course in the Bronx, from June 21 — Feb­ru­ary 28, 2010 treemu​seum​.org  
by Richard Reiss
Jun 13, 2011
Bus Roots
Bus Roots is a living garden on the rooftops of city buses.
by City Atlas
Lab New Experiments
Sep 28, 2012
Colors From The Columbia Greenmarket!
Below are the col­ors we cre­ated at the Colum­bia Green­mar­ket on Sep­tem­ber 9th. We used mums and kale from Stan­nard Farm, Wash­ing­ton County, NY, and cel­ery from Acevedo Farm in Orange County, NY. Join us Sat­ur­day Sept 29th  at the Brook­lyn Bor­ough Hall green­mar­ket. We will there from 10am-3pm cre­at­ing dyes!   Mums     Mums […]
by Laura Sansone
Sep 17, 2012
Thank You For Crafting With Us!
Many thanks to every­one who helped Tex­tile Lab felt together two amaz­ing tex­tiles to give to the farm­ers at Gar­den Of Eve and Nor­wich Mead­ows Farm. The farms bartered food in exchange for hand­crafted tex­tiles at the Unsold Sup­per Event on Sat­ur­day. The feast was incred­i­ble… it was an amaz­ing end to a beau­ti­ful day at the market! Related:Tex­tile Lab Vis­its […]
by Laura Sansone
Sep 14, 2012
Textile Lab At "Unsold Supper" Event Tomorrow 9/15
Join Tex­tile Lab tomor­row Sat­ur­day Sep­tem­ber 15th from 4–6 with our friends from  Our Goods to engage, cre­ate and feast at the “Unsold Sup­per” Event. We will be felt­ing gifts to give to the farm­ers using local, nat­u­rally dyed fiber!  Please see our revised Green­mar­ket sched­ule below for Sep­tem­ber, Octo­ber and Novem­ber. Tex­tile Lab will be […]
by Laura Sansone
Sep 8, 2012
Colors Found At Tompkins Square Park Market!
We made dyes last week at the Tomp­kins Square Mar­ket with sage and radish tops from Acevedo Farm, Pine Island, NY. Below are the col­ors and pic­tures from the mar­ket. Please join us this Sat­ur­day 9/15 [UPDATED: at the Union Square Green­mar­ket]. We will be there from 3pm-6pm cre­at­ing dyes and  spin­ning local, nat­u­rally dyed fiber! […]
by Laura Sansone
Aug 31, 2012
Textile Lab: Color palette from Greenpoint, Brooklyn
At the Green­point Green­mar­ket we cre­ated dyes with rose­mary and cilantro from Osczepin­ski Farm, Goshen, NY. Farmer Joe from Health­way Farms gave us some red cab­bage to make dye with! Here is the color palette:     Below are pic­tures from our visit:     Related:Tex­tile Lab Vis­its Fort Greene Park In Brooklyn!by Laura SansoneThank You […]
by Laura Sansone
Aug 23, 2012
Textile Lab Visits Fort Greene Park In Brooklyn!
We had a suc­cess­ful visit to the Green­mar­ket at the Fort Greene Park last Sat­ur­day. We made dye with  marigolds from Rex­croft Farms in Athens NY, car­rot tops from Conuco Farm in New Paltz NY and mint from J Gle­bocki Farms LLC. We also met many peo­ple from the Fort Greene neigh­bor­hood. There were many ques­tions about the […]
by Laura Sansone
Aug 13, 2012
Inwood Welcomes Textile Lab
The com­mu­nity at Inwood includes many peo­ple who are inter­ested in sus­tain­abil­ity and the envi­ron­ment.  Many vis­i­tors stopped by Tex­tile Lab to learn about nat­ural dyes. We cre­ated dyes with sun­flow­ers and euca­lyp­tus from J Gle­bocki Farms, Orange County NY. Mariko Hashimoto vis­ited the lab. Mariko is a licensed Aro­mather­a­pist and Estheti­cian who lives in Inwood where […]
by Laura Sansone
Aug 7, 2012
Textile Lab Back On The Road for 2012!
Tex­tile Lab will be vis­it­ing the GrowNYC Green­mar­kets start­ing Sat­ur­day August 11th! We will be at the Inwood mar­ket from 10am-3pm har­vest­ing plants and flow­ers to make dyes and spin­ning local wool. Check out our sched­ule to see when the lab will be at  your neigh­bor­hood Greenmarket!                 […]
by Laura Sansone
Jul 11, 2012
Mid-Summer Workshop Saturday July 14th
It's mid-summer and thanks to the persistent sun, the sunflowers are doing great this year. We will be at La Finca this Saturday from 11-2pm to discuss the project and phytoremediation. Please join us.
by Kaja Kühl
May 17, 2012
2012 Workshops at the Field Lab
We will be spend­ing a lot of time at La Finca del Sur this sum­mer again, test­ing out some new plants and grow­ing some more of what worked well. We will have a series of work­shops on SATURDAY, MAY 19     11 — 2PM SATURDAY, JUNE 16    11 — 2PM SATURDAY, JULY 14    11 — 2PM SATURDAY, AUGUST […]
by Kaja Kühl