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Jun 20, 2014
The White Roof Project's Mega Efficiency Party
The White Roof Project, along with Green Drinks NYC and Solar One, hosted a Mega Efficiency Party this past Tuesday evening in an effort to showcase several NYC based organizations' energy efficiency products and tips.
by Trude Chandler
Mar 25, 2012
East River Blueway
The Office of Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer in collaboration with the Office of New York State Assemblymember Brian Kavanagh and other partners, has commissioned a team led by WXY Architecture + Urban Design to develop the East River Blueway Plan, a community- based waterfront planning initiative. The project will consider Manhattan’s East River waterfront […]
by Ian Umeda
Feb 12, 2012
Green Map NYC
Link: Green Map NYC For all people ready to participate in creating a healthy, sustainable and just world, Green Map System offers a direct pathway to the significant ecological, cultural and civic resources near home through our locally published and interactive maps, our globally recognized icons and mapmaking tools, and communications network linking Mapmakers in more […]
by Ian Umeda
Oct 31, 2011
Rate New York City’s privately owned public spaces
Check out this map showing NYC's privately owned public spaces, and share your experiences going there., via City Atlas
by City Atlas
Oct 25, 2011
GrowNYC Greenmarkets are as diverse as the city itself! Download this map here. Download the 2011 PDF map of all NYC Greenmarkets. Projects Mapby Nathan StoreyInteractive Map of the Waterfront from the Metropolitan Waterfront Allianceby Nathan StoreyMy Block NYC - Awesome Video Map of NYC Streetsby Nathan StoreyReport issues in your neighborhood with […]
by Nathan Storey
Sep 15, 2011
OASIS NYC Map Makes Loads of Geographic Data Available to the Public
Great source for community maps of NYC - free and all in one place.
by City Atlas
Sep 1, 2011
Report issues in your neighborhood with the SeeClickFix map
Explore the SeeClickFix map of NYC right from this page, or go to their website to become a registered SeeClickFix citizen. SeeClickFix asks us to “Imagine a world where every citizen feels empowered and part of their neighborhood. Imagine if everyone trusted and felt taken care of by their local government. We know there are already […]
by Nathan Storey
Jul 27, 2011
My Block NYC - Awesome Video Map of NYC Streets is an interactive mapping website that captures and presents personal video accounts of the life and culture of New York City in order to create an intimate, evolving, and complete portrait of this great city. Users upload videos geographically, building the first fully interactive video map of New York City. Projects Mapby […]
by Nathan Storey
Jul 27, 2011
Interactive Map of the Waterfront from the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance
The Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance is the voice of over 500 organizations with ties to our regional waterways. Discover who is doing what on the waterfront with their interactive map. Related:This Saturday, catch a free ferry to Governors Island to enjoy boat tours and other activities on City of Water by City AtlasFree kayaking in the […]
by Nathan Storey
Jul 27, 2011 Projects Map
ioby brings environmental projects to life, block by block. Search this map to find an environmental project in your backyard. Related:Interactive Map of the Waterfront from the Metropolitan Waterfront Allianceby Nathan StoreyMy Block NYC - Awesome Video Map of NYC Streetsby Nathan StoreyReport issues in your neighborhood with the SeeClickFix mapby Nathan StoreyOASIS NYC Map Makes […]
by Nathan Storey
lifestyle Activities
Jul 27, 2018
NYC Commitments to the C40 Consortium of World Cities
Is New York City meeting its own commitments to the Paris Agreement goals?
by Catherine McVay Hughes
Jul 20, 2018
An urgent call for creative young people is making a call to creative young people for climate solutions; contest entries due August 8.
by Bridget Scanlon
Feb 1, 2018
Fighting climate change in California
Edgar McGregor is an amateur climatologist and founder of He’s also a high school senior in Pasadena, California. This essay is an entry in the Cambridge University/Climate Tracker essay contest. From a Mediterranean climate to desert climate, and from warm to hot, California has been severely impacted by climate change. Everywhere one travels, evidence of […]
by Edgar McGregor
Jan 22, 2018
Climate writers: Cambridge wants to hear your story
Are you a writer in an undergraduate program or in grad school? Or, a recent graduate? Do you have a personal story to tell about climate change? Enter by 2/2 for the chance to tell your story at Cambridge University.
by Richard Reiss
Dec 29, 2017
The conscience of a graphic novelist
Given the imperative of fast action on climate, 2018 must be a year that prioritizes decisions rather than simply adds more detail to a story we already know. 2017 already brought three books that tell us enough about what we need to do and why: Peter Kalmus’s Being the Change, Brett Favaro’s The Carbon Code, […]
by Truly Johnson
Sep 26, 2017
C40 at Climate Week: Cities have a 2020 deadline
In his speech at C40 Talks, Mayor de Blasio said, “We do not have the luxury of time when it comes to climate action."
by Catherine McVay Hughes
Oct 30, 2016
Why do we live by the water, and what should we do now?
Workshops for Lower Manhattan's Coastal Resiliency Project let the members of public speak up about what kind of seawall we want to have.
by Angie Koo
Jul 26, 2016
Climate Change: Impacts and Solutions (Yale Club of NYC)
'2016 marks the point where we realize that climate change is deeply intertwined with problems like poverty, inequality, and the long-term sustainability of the planet.'
by Daniella Penn
Jun 27, 2016
A sea level walk, and Klaus Jacob
Let’s assume Landmarks Preservation designation for the entire city – what would be necessary to keep it above water at the end of the century?
by Lilas Randrianarivony
May 25, 2016
Sidewalk Labs launches Link, more to come
Can a new initiative from Daniel Doctoroff and Google advance the civic conversation on climate change?
by Emily Rutland
people Interviews About NYC
Dec 31, 2017
New York Society for Ethical Culture
Monica Weiss and Richard Koral
The New York Society for Ethical Culture is a humanist community that has been dedicated to social justice and education since its founding in 1876. At a time when other nonprofit institutions, including major universities like Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Columbia, have failed to divest and have so far failed to rebuild their curricula with […]
by Emily Rutland
Aug 18, 2016
Peter Kalmus
A scientist pioneers a low carbon lifestyle in Altadena, CA
Peter Kalmus has reduced his personal carbon emissions from roughly 20 tons to 2, and he's written a book about what he's learned.
by Alice Goldsmith
Aug 9, 2016
Wellington Chen
Executive Director, Chinatown Partnership
Chinatown was hurt during Hurricane Sandy, with many non-English speaking elderly stranded in high rises without water, lights, heat, or elevators. What future plans for the historic neighborhood are best, as projections for sea level rise increase?
by Angie Koo
Mar 29, 2016
Beginning the Baykeeper
Andrew Willner, Founding Director
In recent years, science and policy have been catching up with Andrew Willner's vision for a sustainable harbor.
by Ana Cecilia Deustua
Dec 15, 2015
The Natural History Museum
Beka Economopoulos, Co-Founder
"Museums are leaders, and we're asking them to demonstrate their leadership."
by Angie Koo
Nov 18, 2015
Walter Meyer
Co-Founder, Power Rockaways Resilience
The Power Rockaways Resilience team developed cultural knowledge so valuable that it led to an award from the White House.
by Francesca Luberti
Oct 29, 2015
Marshall Herskovitz
Marshall Herskovitz is a Hollywood producer, director and screenwriter who has also served as president of the Producers Guild of America (2006 - 2010). His credits include films such as “Traffic,” “The Last Samurai,” and “Blood Diamond."
by Abigail Carney
Oct 9, 2015
British scientist gives best human rights talk of the year
"This is not about just incremental change. This is about whole system change. And this applies to all of us, whatever sphere of influence we have."
by Richard Reiss
Aug 20, 2015
Marshall Saunders
Founder, Citizen's Climate Lobby
Citizens Climate Lobby aims to price carbon, solve climate change, and to do it in a way that crosses Amer­i­can polit­i­cal bar­ri­ers. Founded by a Texan, after the creek behind his childhood home dried up.
by Francesca Luberti
Jun 18, 2015
James White: ice & the city
Director, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
James White explains that the future of the city depends on how the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets melt in a warmer climate, and on what we do to slow the process down.
by Jamie Carpenter
archive Existing Projects
Jun 27, 2016
Is NYC ready for serious sea level rise: a talk with Klaus Jacob (transcript)
Lilas Randrianarivony, Emily Rutland, Ana Deustua and Angie Koo attended Klaus Jacob’s talk at the AIA/Center for Architecture in March. Emily Rutland assisted with transcription, and additional lecture notes were provided by Angie Koo and Ana Deustua. Lilas’ synopsis of the talk is below, followed by a complete transcript: Our former Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, announced that […]
by Lilas Randrianarivony
Mar 9, 2012
Rising Currents
  Rising Currents was a 2010 exhibit at MoMA featuring re-designs of New York City’s waterfront, as a way to showcase ideas for resilient, adaptive protection from rising sea levels. Among the many activities and investigations tied to the exhibit, the museum participated in boat tours of the harbor, allowing visitors to see locations for […]
by City Atlas
Feb 22, 2012
Mannahatta 2409: a work in progress
Eric Sanderson, ecologist and creator of the Welikia Project, is now leading a team to create a new version of Mannahatta: an interactive tool that will let visitors experiment with the design of the city of the future.
by City Atlas
Feb 21, 2012
Broadway: 1000 Steps
Artist Mary Miss has embarked on a project to use the length of Broadway as a space for installations that can engage the public in the city’s plans for the future.  In this video from, prepared for the Rockefeller Foundation, Mary Miss describes the background and goals of this ambitious public art initiative:     […]
by City Atlas
Sep 12, 2011
City Atlas Workshops at Parsons and Hunter
A design workshop at Parsons worked with historical data gathered by a Hunter urban planning class to create information graphics about NYC.
by Ian Umeda
Sep 3, 2011
White Out Global Warming
The playful style of this PSA encourages viewers to do their part. Something as simple as painting rooftops white is surprisingly effective.
by City Atlas
Jul 20, 2011
Tree Museum
Tree Museum was a unique public art project by Katie Holten, installed on the Grand Concourse in the Bronx, from June 21 – February 28, 2010  
by Richard Reiss
Jun 13, 2011
Bus Roots
Bus Roots is a living garden on the rooftops of city buses.
by City Atlas
Lab New Experiments
Sep 28, 2012
Colors From The Columbia Greenmarket!
Below are the colors we created at the Columbia Greenmarket on September 9th. We used mums and kale from Stannard Farm, Washington County, NY, and celery from Acevedo Farm in Orange County, NY. Join us Saturday Sept 29th  at the Brooklyn Borough Hall greenmarket. We will there from 10am-3pm creating dyes!   Mums     […]
by Laura Sansone
Sep 17, 2012
Thank You For Crafting With Us!
Many thanks to everyone who helped Textile Lab felt together two amazing textiles to give to the farmers at Garden Of Eve and Norwich Meadows Farm. The farms bartered food in exchange for handcrafted textiles at the Unsold Supper Event on Saturday. The feast was incredible… it was an amazing end to a beautiful day at the market! Related:Textile Lab […]
by Laura Sansone
Sep 14, 2012
Textile Lab At "Unsold Supper" Event Tomorrow 9/15
Join Textile Lab tomorrow Saturday September 15th from 4-6 with our friends from  Our Goods to engage, create and feast at the “Unsold Supper” Event. We will be felting gifts to give to the farmers using local, naturally dyed fiber!  Please see our revised Greenmarket schedule below for September, October and November. Textile Lab will […]
by Laura Sansone
Sep 8, 2012
Colors Found At Tompkins Square Park Market!
We made dyes last week at the Tompkins Square Market with sage and radish tops from Acevedo Farm, Pine Island, NY. Below are the colors and pictures from the market. Please join us this Saturday 9/15 [UPDATED: at the Union Square Greenmarket]. We will be there from 3pm-6pm creating dyes and  spinning local, naturally dyed […]
by Laura Sansone
Aug 31, 2012
Textile Lab: Color palette from Greenpoint, Brooklyn
At the Greenpoint Greenmarket we created dyes with rosemary and cilantro from Osczepinski Farm, Goshen, NY. Farmer Joe from Healthway Farms gave us some red cabbage to make dye with! Here is the color palette:     Below are pictures from our visit:     Related:Textile Lab Visits Fort Greene Park In Brooklyn!by Laura SansoneThank […]
by Laura Sansone
Aug 23, 2012
Textile Lab Visits Fort Greene Park In Brooklyn!
We had a successful visit to the Greenmarket at the Fort Greene Park last Saturday. We made dye with  marigolds from Rexcroft Farms in Athens NY, carrot tops from Conuco Farm in New Paltz NY and mint from J Glebocki Farms LLC. We also met many people from the Fort Greene neighborhood. There were many questions […]
by Laura Sansone
Aug 13, 2012
Inwood Welcomes Textile Lab
The community at Inwood includes many people who are interested in sustainability and the environment.  Many visitors stopped by Textile Lab to learn about natural dyes. We created dyes with sunflowers and eucalyptus from J Glebocki Farms, Orange County NY. Mariko Hashimoto visited the lab. Mariko is a licensed Aromatherapist and Esthetician who lives in […]
by Laura Sansone
Aug 7, 2012
Textile Lab Back On The Road for 2012!
Textile Lab will be visiting the GrowNYC Greenmarkets starting Saturday August 11th! We will be at the Inwood market from 10am-3pm harvesting plants and flowers to make dyes and spinning local wool. Check out our schedule to see when the lab will be at  your neighborhood Greenmarket!                 […]
by Laura Sansone
Jul 11, 2012
Mid-Summer Workshop Saturday July 14th
It's mid-summer and thanks to the persistent sun, the sunflowers are doing great this year. We will be at La Finca this Saturday from 11-2pm to discuss the project and phytoremediation. Please join us.
by Kaja Kühl
May 17, 2012
2012 Workshops at the Field Lab
We will be spending a lot of time at La Finca del Sur this summer again, testing out some new plants and growing some more of what worked well. We will have a series of workshops on SATURDAY, MAY 19     11 – 2PM SATURDAY, JUNE 16    11 – 2PM SATURDAY, JULY 14    11 – […]
by Kaja Kühl