Gianluca Grimalda

“The second thing that I promised to the 1000s of people that came to my research was…I promise I’m going to return to Europe without touching a plane…”

Drew Pendergrass

“It’s either going to be run roughshod over the climate, or change our society.”

Gaya Herrington

“What humanity does in the next few years will determine our wellbeing levels for the rest of the century, which is quite incredible”

Alice Hu

“There’s a huge cognitive dissonance, right? People will be thinking about, well how can I make enough money so I can retire with the amount of wealth that I want? While also knowing logically that, okay, yeah, but like, by the time I’m at retirement age, what’s the world even gonna look like? You know, what am I even saving for?”

Teacher feedback

Andrew Wells (NEST+m high school on the lower east side) Aida Rosenbaum (Bronx Latin) Adam Zaid (Queens School of Inquiry) Matt Sarker (Bronx Science) Letters of support…

Julien Dossier

“What happens if, say the president of France is elected and has a mandate to cut carbon emissions by twenty percent in five years, and if emissions are cut by nineteen percent?

Has the person failed, or not? Given the amount of the challenge, 19 out of 20 could be seen, Wow, that’s good enough, that works! But what about 18? What about 17?”

Rebecca Willis

“When politics becomes really dysfunctional, the temptation is to just be quite a cynical realist and say, That’s just how the world is now. But the more I think about it, the more I think that when you’re confronted with these problems, you actually need to double down on the idealism.”

Energetic links

Photo: Yale students play eight simultaneous games of Energetic in a tournament, November 15, 2019 “I kept thinking, ‘Oh, they thought of that? Wow, they…

Stuart Capstick

“The focus on a number is less important than the real bottom line,trying to shape our societies, our economies, our lives in ways that enable as many of us to have a good life as possible, without wrecking the world.”

Energetic teachers and students

Accurate information about energy is important. To prevent climate change from getting worse, we have to build new infrastructure quickly and for that to happen,…

Energetic: the board game

We designed a board game about the future of New York City. This gives everyone the chance to see the scope of change and cooperation…

Ro Randall

“By the time you folk have finished university, and are maybe three or four years into your first job, that 10 years that has been spoken about is gone. So there needs to be a space where people like yourselves can feel safe enough to talk about what your fears and hopes are for the future.”

David Bookbinder

“It’s important that high school students and even younger than high school students understand what exactly is happening to the planet they’re living on.”

Kim Nicholas

“If I go chronologically, it actually starts with a personal story. So in 2012, I had a beer with my friend Charlie…”

Alice Larkin

“One of my main areas that I’ve focused on for years is just the kind of timeframe to change to make the changes and how that needs to be really rapid. You can’t just rely on huge infrastructure projects because they take ages.”

Jeff Berardelli

JEFF BERARDELLI: So when you take a long term drought due to climate change–mostly due to climate change, not all of it–and then you take…

Radley Horton

 RADLEY HORTON: If we look at other things that kill far more people like having heart disease, or, you know, having really bad asthma,…