White Out Global Warming

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Lena Huang, thesis for BFA, Parsons The New School for Design 2011

White Out Global Warming is an upbeat, animated public service announcement advocating painting rooftops white to cool down NYC in the summer.

Painting rooftops white is a simple and cost effective way to reduce energy consumption by reflecting the sun’s heat, lowering cooling costs, and in turn mitigating global warming. This piece raises awareness on certain factors particular to urban environments such as “Urban Heat Island”, the phenomenon of excessive heat build-up in large cities caused by solar radiation being absorbed and retained in building materials such as metal, concrete and asphalt.

The playful style of this PSA encourages viewers to do their part against what may seem an otherwise insurmountable global problem. Something as simple as painting rooftops white is a surprisingly effective as well as financially rewarding solution.

Thanks to Jun Sassa, Veronica A. Lawlor, Matt Siegel, Tom Wen, friends and family.
Information and facts from White Tops non profit org and nyc.gov.
Music: Lost of a wheel part 2 by Metronomy.