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Permaculture and Urban Eco-System Design

Permaculture has the potential to transform the future, but first we have to bring it mainstream. How do we scale permaculture to redesign the massive agricultural, food, and consumer culture systems for long-term health and sustainability? What is the way forward given the sociopolitical challenges we currently face? How can a focus on local actions collectively alter a global system? Our experts will be discussing these questions and more at our permaculture forum on April 3rd, 2017.

Urban Food Policy Forum: Beyond the Kale: Urban Agriculture and Social Justice Activism in New York City

Urban agriculture is increasingly considered an important part of creating just and sustainable cities. Yet the benefits that many people attribute to urban agriculture—fresh food, green space, educational opportunities—can mask structural inequities, thereby making political transformation harder to achieve.

Civic Art Lab | Sustainability + Performance

The evening will feature performances that reflect on the intersection of sustainability, community, and the arts. Sliding scale donations for drinks and performances. All donations for this evening support the performers. Artists to be announced.

Growing the Urban Farm at New York Botanical Gardens

Urban agriculture is growing rapidly in cities across America. Vacant lots, abandoned green spaces, and urban rooftops are being transformed into productive farms that provide fresh produce and opportunities for healthy activity, income, and many other benefits for urban families.

Food For Thought

In a world that continues to struggle with agricultural challenges to support the global population, developing sustainable solutions for crop production, agricultural resource use, access to food, and food waste is critical.

Come hear from the New York Area Sustainability Group’s expert speakers as they point out problems in our food system, and discuss the changes that need to take place to solve these issues.

The business case for fast action on climate

This morning the Risky Business project released, “A Climate Risk Assessment For the United States.” The group formed to evaluate the economic risks of climate change in the United States and found that they are both immediate and immense.