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2018 Columbia Global Energy Summit

On Thursday, April 19, 2018, CGEP will celebrate its 5th anniversary and host the annual Columbia Global Energy Summit. Registration will open in early 2018. …

2018 Columbia University Energy Symposium

The 13th Energy Symposium on February 1-2, 2018 will convene thought-leaders and practitioners from across the energy sector, representing industry, government, civil society, and the…

David Sive Memorial Lecture on Environmental Law: The Present and Future of EPA, presented by Gina McCarthy

The Sabin Center for Climate Change Law presents the third David Sive Memorial Lecture on Environmental Law: “The Present and Future of EPA,” a presentation by Gina McCarthy, Administrator, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 2013-2017.

New York Sea Level Rise Projections: Implications for Law, Land Use, Buildings and Infrastructure

As required by a 2014 state statute, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has just issued official sea level rise projections. They reflect a range of possible scenarios; at the high end, sea level in the New York City area could rise 75 inches (6.2 feet) by the year 2100.This program will explore how these projections, now that they are embodied in a formal regulation, will affect a broad range of decisions in building and infrastructure siting, design, construction and materials; insurance and financing; environmental impact review; and securities disclosure.

Food Waste in the City – Waste Not, Want Not

At this panel we will hear from experts working in the field in various capacities – academia, government, NGOs and practitioners at the corporate and the individual level. They will discuss their learnings and suggest actions we can take towards making our food waste foot print smaller. ‘When we throw away food, we’re also throwing away the land, water, and energy used to produce that food.’ That’s why it’s imperative to learn about food waste and take the necessary actions.

Climate Countdown – Film Screening & Panel Discussion

Join us for the first screening event of the Climate Countdown webseries at Columbia University. The event will showcase episodes from the series, as well as two seperate expert panel discussions on the webseries and climate media at large.

Towards a Post Carbon New York City

Part of the Fall series, ICP Talks: Climate Change, in this lecture “panelists explore city-level efforts to reduce carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption, adapt to climate change, and ensure infrastructure resiliency.”

Sustainability, Public Private Partnerships and Big Data – Three Trends in Global Public Management

Listen in on the talk by Professor William B. Eimicke that will discuss how the implementation of big data, sustainable practices, and public-private partnerships is having a transformative effect on cities around the world.

Cool Roofing and Coating Systems: Not a Whitewash

The Columbia University Graduate Programs in Construction Administration and Sustainability Management and IBC Groups invite you to a lecture/discussion and reception to learn about cool roofing and coating systems.

Sustainable Food in Practice

Columbia’s Sustainability Media Lab is excited to present a panel discussion on sustainable food. A panel of experts from a diverse range of organizations will share their insights on how we can eat well and more sustainably.