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Fueling Our Future: Blackout: Security and the Electric Grid

With seven billion people in the world (nine billion projected by 2050), many of whom live in rapidly developing countries, the need for modern technologies with their attendant energy demands is increasing at an exponential rate. Will it be possible to provide sufficient energy for this generation and the next? How will the energy race change global economies and politics?

Join John Bradley, Associate VP, Sustainability, Energy and Technical Services, New York University for a conversation on the emerging solutions and threats facing the electricity distribution sector.

Made in New York City: The Reinvention of Local Manufacturing

For decades, American and urban manufacturing charted a steep decline, a byproduct of globalization and outsourcing. Today, however, manufacturing is returning to our shores and entering a renaissance in major cities.

Come learn about what’s being made in NYC today and what you can do to support local manufacturing. We’ll cover industrial policy, business incubators, R&D, hybrid manufacturing, and the craft food movement, among other highlights.

Public Pool Coming to Brooklyn Bridge Park

According to yesterday’s New York Post, Pier 2 in Brooklyn Bridge Park will be getting a public pool this summer. It will be temporary — installed for just five years — and about 30′ by 50′. And, it will only be about 3.5′ deep.