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Future City Lab: Art, Culture, Fashion

How does the city inspire designers and innovators? How do new technologies, inspirations, and ideas blend together? Consider art, fashion, and culture in ways you…

Kiku: The Art of the Japanese Garden

The chrysanthemum, kiku in Japanese, is the most celebrated of all Japanese fall-flowering plants. Enjoy a stunning exhibition of these carefully trained flowers in the Haupt Conservatory.

Native Plant’s Summit at the New York Botanical Garden

The Northeastern U.S. hosts a rich diversity of native plants, many of which play essential roles for humans and the environment. Alarmingly, a number of these species are declining, often becoming imperiled as a result. This symposium will address our dearth of knowledge by bringing together experts and interested members of the public to present and discuss the state of the area’s plant species.

Remembering Yesterday: Queens and Its World’s Fairs

Remembering is both a collective and a personal activity. In this exhibition, both are on display in relation to two World’s Fairs that took place in Flushing, Queens in 1939/40 and 1964/65.

Within this exhibition, collective memory is represented by shared experiences of the Fairs and personal memory by the memorabilia drawn from the collections of people who attended and fondly recall the Fairs.

Open Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays, 2:30 – 4:30 pm. Through May 31, 2015.