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The New York City You’ve Never Seen: All New Queens Edition

Did you know Queens, NY is a land of discovery?

This virtual tour of some of Queens’ hidden spots will entice you with the adventures that await you and arm you with what you need to organize your own fantastic day trips – no passport or plane ticket needed, just your metro card, a few dollars, and maybe your cell phone in case you get lost…

French Classes in Bryant Park

Bonjour! Hola! Konnichiwa! Ciao! Learn a new language or brush up on your skills in these standalone classes. Attend at any time – lessons are not cumulative.

Greenbelt Tree Tots (3-4 year-olds)

Join us for a dynamic exploration of the wonders of the forest. Through hands-on activities, observations, finger plays, games, and stories, children will become familiar with the sights…