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“Stung by Climate” Earth Day Free Screening

A free film screening event featuring two short films about our changing climate and its influence on people across the America: “Stung by Climate” shows how climate change is affecting bees and beekeepers across the country; “The Disappearing Frontier” takes us to Alaska where people co-exist with climate change on a daily basis. Let’s celebrate 2016 Earth Day together!

Bicycling around a warming globe

Part epic journey, part field research: David Kroodsma and Lindsey Fransen bicycled across Asia researching climate. It turns out that low carbon travel is possible with time and strong legs, and probably a much better way to see things.

Climate Feedbacks: Magnitude & Uncertainty in Global Warming

A lecture that outlines our understanding of the main feedback processes in the climate system and how they impact both the magnitude of future changes in Earth’s climate and the uncertainty in our predictions of these changes.