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The Art of the Park Tour

Central Park has long been revered as a masterpiece of living art. Visitors on this tour will admire Park vistas as if walking through a…

Hallett Nature Sanctuary and the Pond Tour

Hallett Nature Sanctuary is the smallest of the Park’s three woodland landscapes. Closed to the public in 1934, the Hallett Nature Sanctuary remained mostly untouched…

Emerging Voices at Parsons School of Constructed Environments: Transforming Models and Practices

The Emerging Voices juried lecture series recognizes architects, landscape architects, and urban designers who have both significant work to show and significant ideas to share. From the inaugural presentations more than thirty years ago to the present, firms selected by The Architectural League as Emerging Voices have spoken compellingly about their work while framing its relationship to theory, practice, and place. – Anne Rieselbach, Program Director of The Architectural League of New York

Landscape Futures and the East River Esplanade

Co-organized by the National Academy and CIVITAS, Art, Design and the Urban Environment is a discussion series that explores how artists and architects—as well as activists, grassroots organizers, scientists, urban planners, and city agencies—can work together to improve urban environments in meaningful ways.