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The Transition Movement Celebrates Far Rockaway Culture

A Reggae, Calypso, Soca dance party-potluck with special presentations by Rockaway neighbors from around the world celebrates the deep Rockaway cultural roots that anchor resilient recovery.

Enjoy great food, music, short Transition and Permaculture talks that kick off the Rockaway Health Festival and Transition-Permaculture Convergence to follow on Saturday June 27th.

New York City Transition Neighborhoods Info-share Party

Transition is a community organizing response to climate change, resource depletion and financial instability. There are 1,100+ Transition groups in 44 countries and over 150 initiatives in the US.

All are welcome to the NYC Transition Neighborhoods Info-share Party! Be part of the NYC neighborhood-specific resilience building conversation: Fun, food from around the world and purposeful conversation.