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The Green New Deal is the real deal

Like the original New Deal, the Green New Deal is extremely wide-ranging. It addresses agriculture, energy, transportation, economic security, the environment, and the entire social sphere besides.

Looking back at IDEAS CITY 2015

Being at one of the booths of the IDEAS CITY festival was nothing like I expected it to be.

Why I love the QueensWay

The QueensWay would transform an abandoned railway in Queens into parkland.

Brooklyn Bridge Beach now fully funded

Brook­lyn Bridge Beach, designed by WXY, will allow New York­ers, vis­i­tors, and all pub­lic to kayak and swim in wad­ing pools of fil­tered river­wa­ter.

3 nights, 3 cheers for trees

Attend the Tree Talks with Parkies and Friends lecture series to learn more about how beneficial trees are to NYC and how the city plans on harnessing the power of trees to address climate change and sustainability.