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How an NYC app is helping Philly reclaim its lots

Their vision? To create a land bank that “converts vacant, abandoned, and tax delinquent properties into productive use, allowing communities to reclaim, reinvest in and rebuild their neighborhoods.”

Growing the Battery Urban Farm

Battery Urban Farm is unique in two ways. First of all, we’re very accessible, located at street-level in the middle of a public park… Second, we are the largest educational farm on public land in all of Manhattan.

A (brief) history of sheep and goats in NYC

Goats and sheep are useful for clearing out unwanted plants, especially in areas that would be difficult for lawn mowers to reach. “They help us teach that we are all part of the food cycle,” and have been living and working in NYC for quite a while.

Free trees from the NYRP

The New York Restoration Project, the Bette Midler-founded, community garden-protecting organization has announced its annual Spring Tree Giveaway. The NYRP, in partnership with Toyota, will…

Cornell publishes extensive guide to urban farming

Cornell University’s Northeast Beginning Farmers Project has published an extensive guide to urban farming in New York State, and it is available for free online.…

Calling all urban farmers: we need data

The Design Trust is offering a $200 stipend for participation in the growing, season-long study. The effort hopes to actualize and solidify the volume and impact that New York City’s farms and gardens have on our food systems.

Online resource for urban farmers

Whether you are an urban farmer or just a city citizen with an interest in finding a local farm to volunteer at, the Five Borough Farm site can connect you to all the information you need to get up, get out, and get on your way to the nearest farm.