Green Map NYC

Link: Green Map NYC

For all peo­ple ready to par­tic­i­pate in cre­at­ing a healthy, sus­tain­able and just world, Green Map Sys­tem offers a direct path­way to the sig­nif­i­cant eco­log­i­cal, cul­tural and civic resources near home through our locally pub­lished and inter­ac­tive maps, our glob­ally rec­og­nized icons and map­mak­ing tools, and com­mu­ni­ca­tions net­work link­ing Map­mak­ers in more than 55 countries.

Green Map Sys­tem has pro­moted inclu­sive par­tic­i­pa­tion in sus­tain­able com­mu­nity devel­op­ment around the world since 1995, using map­mak­ing as our medium. Over 675 locally-led map projects have suc­cess­fully pub­lished more than 400 local Green Maps, used by mil­lions to con­nect with green liv­ing, nature, social and cul­tural resources near home and while trav­el­ing. Each unique map uti­lizes Green Map® Icons to high­light both pos­i­tive and chal­leng­ing sites. Project pro­files, map­mak­ing resources, our his­tory and much more about Green Map Sys­tem and our award-winning iconog­ra­phy is at Green​Map​.org.

Now, we’re tak­ing our inclu­sive­ness mis­sion to the next level with the Open Green Map, an inter­ac­tive map­mak­ing tool that helps peo­ple world­wide quickly share their own selec­tion of sus­tain­abil­ity sites, path­ways and resources online. Merg­ing local knowl­edge and our freshly updated iconog­ra­phy (down­load chart and def­i­n­i­tions) with Google Map and open source Dru­pal tech­nol­ogy, the result­ing inter­ac­tive maps can be explored here today.

You can quick find, com­pare and learn from each site and com­mu­nity ini­tia­tive on the map. Open Green Map (OGM) invites the pub­lic to add their own com­ments, green rat­ings, images and videos and share how each site on the map has changed their life with an inno­v­a­tive ‘Impact Index’. With this social map­ping web­site, peo­ple of all ages and back­grounds can get involved! Down­load a flow­chart for a quick overview.

Launched in June 2009 with a in progress fol­low­ing global launch cel­e­bra­tion, there are now over 120 Open Green Maps and over 10,000 sites for you to explore, share and enhance. OGM’s thou­sands of sites can be explored on any mobile phone by enter­ing Green​Map​.org into the phone’s inter­net browser. The result­ing beta “What’s Green Nearby?™” resource is also fea­tured on ver­sion 1.0 of the Green Map iPhone App! Search Green Map in the Apple Store or click Green​Map​.org/​app to expe­ri­ence Green Maps, pho­tos, videos and other movement-wide out­comes. You can also enhance your web­site or blog with our Green Map Wid­gets to share maps, find green sites, explore icons, news and more!

Source: http://​www​.open​green​map​.org/​a​b​out