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Link: Green Map NYC

For all people ready to participate in creating a healthy, sustainable and just world, Green Map System offers a direct pathway to the significant ecological, cultural and civic resources near home through our locally published and interactive maps, our globally recognized icons and mapmaking tools, and communications network linking Mapmakers in more than 55 countries.

Green Map System has promoted inclusive participation in sustainable community development around the world since 1995, using mapmaking as our medium. Over 675 locally-led map projects have successfully published more than 400 local Green Maps, used by millions to connect with green living, nature, social and cultural resources near home and while traveling. Each unique map utilizes Green Map® Icons to highlight both positive and challenging sites. Project profiles, mapmaking resources, our history and much more about Green Map System and our award-winning iconography is at

Now, we’re taking our inclusiveness mission to the next level with the Open Green Map, an interactive mapmaking tool that helps people worldwide quickly share their own selection of sustainability sites, pathways and resources online. Merging local knowledge and our freshly updated iconography (download chart and definitions) with Google Map and open source Drupal technology, the resulting interactive maps can be explored here today.

You can quick find, compare and learn from each site and community initiative on the map. Open Green Map (OGM) invites the public to add their own comments, green ratings, images and videos and share how each site on the map has changed their life with an innovative ‘Impact Index’. With this social mapping website, people of all ages and backgrounds can get involved! Download a flowchart for a quick overview.

Launched in June 2009 with a in progress following global launch celebration, there are now over 120 Open Green Maps and over 10,000 sites for you to explore, share and enhance. OGM’s thousands of sites can be explored on any mobile phone by entering into the phone’s internet browser. The resulting beta “What’s Green Nearby?™” resource is also featured on version 1.0 of the Green Map iPhone App! Search Green Map in the Apple Store or click to experience Green Maps, photos, videos and other movement-wide outcomes. You can also enhance your website or blog with our Green Map Widgets to share maps, find green sites, explore icons, news and more!