Micro Textile Lab

One mini-grant went to Lau­ra San­sone, who has used it to make her Micro Tex­tile Lab — an inven­tion which she is now bring­ing to Green­mar­kets around the city. Lau­ra uses the Micro Tex­tile Lab to teach peo­ple nat­u­ral dye­ing, spin­ning and weav­ing. You can fol­low Laura’s pro­gress in the accom­pa­ny­ing blog.


Orig­i­nal pro­pos­al : Micro Tex­tile Lab

I am propos­ing the devel­op­ment and fab­ri­ca­tion of a Micro Tex­tile Lab, a small mobile kitchen and work­sta­tion to be used for the devel­op­ment, and use of nat­u­ral tex­tile dyes that are har­vest­ed from the farm stands at the GrowNYC Green­mar­kets. The micro lab project links the local food econ­o­my to tex­tile pro­duc­tion and draws atten­tion to the urban green­mar­ket as an impor­tant venue for local food and fiber pro­duc­ers. The Micro Tex­tile Lab will enable me to con­tin­ue the research I have been engaged in that involves sus­tain­able tex­tile design, and its con­nec­tion to the city green­mar­ket, local farm­ing and food.”

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Mobile Tex­tile Lab