Barter for knowledge with Trade School

Trade School, a project of Our​Goods​.org, is New York’s unique cre­ative barter-for-knowl­edge pro­gram. Class­es are con­tin­u­ing through March and into April, and cre­at­ing a class of your own is pos­si­ble too. (See infor­ma­tion on the site.)

Trade School is a learn­ing exper­i­ment where teach­ers barter with stu­dents. We place equal val­ue on big ideas, prac­ti­cal skills, and expe­ri­en­tial knowl­edge. We believe that every­one has some­thing to offer, so we’re active­ly work­ing to cre­ate safe spaces for peo­ple and ideas. We want more spaces made by and for the peo­ple who use them. Join us for a dis­cus­sion about learn­ing spaces and ideas for class­es you want to teach or take at Trade School!”

A dance par­ty for Trade School will be held on Fri­day, 3/30, at:

70 N 6th St
70 North 6th Street