Energetic links

Photo: Yale students play eight simultaneous games of Energetic in a tournament, November 15, 2019 “I kept thinking, ‘Oh, they thought of that? Wow, they…

Energetic teachers and students

Accurate information about energy is important. To prevent climate change from getting worse, we have to build new infrastructure quickly and for that to happen,…

The jetstream and the potholes

The country is in a deep freeze today, but in NYC it’s the yo-yoing temperatures that stand out. Meterologists wonder if a stuttering jet stream, caused by declining Arctic sea ice, is behind the swings.

The President visits P-TECH

Amidst the con­tin­ued tur­bu­lence of his sec­ond term, Pres­i­dent Obama will arrive in Brook­lyn today to visit P-TECH, the inno­v­a­tive high school that counts IBM, CUNY and the city as part­ners. P-TECH was pro­filed in City Atlas, soon after open­ing.