No Bike? Not a Problem With This New Bike Rental Social Network



There’s a new online star­tup in town — a bike rental hub that lets you find great bikes online. You can rent bikes from either bike shops or indi­vid­u­als, mak­ing it easy to get the best mod­els, get out and explore. Launched on April 1, Spin­lis­ter allows you to rent a bicy­cle online for either a few hours, a few days, or up to a cou­ple of months. The Spin­lis­ter com­mu­ni­ty is cur­rent­ly avail­able in NYC and San Fran­cis­co.

Accord­ing to the cre­ators of Spin­lis­ter, all you need to do is “snap a few pic­tures and share your sweet char­i­ot with awe­some peo­ple like you. We help you meet up, exchange the bike, and have a great expe­ri­ence, whether you’re the renter or the lis­ter.”

You’ll be rid­ing the NYC streets in no time!

For more infor­ma­tion and to get involved, check out the Spin­lis­ter web­site here