No Bike? Not a Problem With This New Bike Rental Social Network

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There’s a new online startup in town — a bike rental hub that lets you find great bikes online. You can rent bikes from either bike shops or individuals, making it easy to get the best models, get out and explore. Launched on April 1, Spinlister allows you to rent a bicycle online for either a few hours, a few days, or up to a couple of months. The Spinlister community is currently available in NYC and San Francisco.

According to the creators of Spinlister, all you need to do is “snap a few pictures and share your sweet chariot with awesome people like you. We help you meet up, exchange the bike, and have a great experience, whether you’re the renter or the lister.”

You’ll be riding the NYC streets in no time!

For more information and to get involved, check out the Spinlister website here