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20th Apr 2018, 12:00am-12:00am
Brooklyn Waters: Sea Level Rise, Sustainability, and Resilience along the Brooklyn Waterfront
The Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center (BWRC) presents Brooklyn Waters, a full-day conference on sea level rise, sustainability, and resiliency along the Brooklyn waterfront. Brooklyn Waters will examine how preparation for storm surge and rising tides has already remade – and is set to radically remake – the coastal areas of Kings County. While the Brooklyn waterfront holds much in common […]
by Ashley Brown
7th May 2016, 12:00am-12:00am
Jane's Walk: the future sea level in lower Manhattan
What's the best response to the enormous social challenge of rising seas? Citizen's Climate Lobby, with nonpartisan leaders including George Shultz and James Hansen, has an idea, and you'll hear about it during the walk.
by Richard Reiss
Jun 18, 2015
James White: ice & the city
Director, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
James White explains that the future of the city depends on how the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets melt in a warmer climate, and on what we do to slow the process down.
by Jamie Carpenter
Mar 22, 2015
New York's lead role in solving for the future
A panel at Columbia looked at how New York is taking a leading role in how cities both cope with, and solve, the planetary challenge of climate change.
by Rowan Wu
Nov 25, 2014
Climate change knowledge for an urbanized planet: UCCRN
The people behind the Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN) are passionate about delivering climate science to cities, with over 100 citations in the latest IPCC report. So who are they?
by William Wepsala
Mar 13, 2013
A new word for NYC: bioswales
In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy the issue of New York’s vulnerability to flooding has stepped to the forefront of media concerns. And rightly so. With a mountain of scientific data indicating the future holds increased threats from global warming, a coastal city like New York can ill afford to ignore the problem of flooding. […]
by Patrick O'Neill