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22nd Mar 2016, 12:00am-12:00am
A Changing City: Weather and Climate
Join us as MTA engineers, scientists, policy makers, and emergency planners must work together to navigate these changes and their impact on the transit system.
by Lilas Randrianarivony
Apr 10, 2013
Can free public transit improve mental health?
Do reduced fare programs help both teens and the elderly? An example from London.
by Taylor Seidel
Apr 1, 2013
Urban design bracket challenge down to elite eight
It’s March Madness for city planners, too. In basketball it’s down to the Final Four, and the Atlantic Cities Urbanist Toolkit urban design tournament is now down to the elite eight. The bracket pit 32 buzzworthy urban design ideas against each other, complete with a seeding system, allowing readers to vote for their favorite. All […]
by Ari Lev Kaputkin
Mar 22, 2013
MTA to roll out interactive subway maps
By the end of the year, the MTA has announced it will install interactive, touch-screen maps for helping travelers and commuters navigate the city’s latticework of subway lines. The 47-inch, stainless-steel-encapsulated screens will instantly plot the quickest route to any other stop on the map with a tap of the finger. The tool will also […]
by Ari Lev Kaputkin
Feb 11, 2013
New safety feature could soon improve your commute
The goal of any public transit administration is to increase ridership without jeopardizing safety and efficiency. The question is whether the installation of these doors will improve this....and the overall outlook for the MTA.
by Ari Lev Kaputkin
10th Feb 2013, 12:00am-12:00am
Art and Architecture of the Subway
Municipal Art Society presents a tour featuring the art, architecture and history of New York's subway system.
by Mia Brezin
Sep 24, 2012
Apps step in to fill the mass transit void in Apple’s iOS 6
The new operating software for Apple‘s iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad was released on Wednesday, September 19th in close conjunction with the release of the iPhone 5 on Friday, September 21st. Users of the new operating system, especially those in urban areas, have noticed one glaring omission: the map service in Apple’s iOS 6 has dropped […]
by Jamie Biondi
Jan 12, 2012
Jules Verne in Long Island City
The MTA’s Tunnel Boring Machine broke through to daylight on the day after Christmas, completing Tunnel A of the East Side Access project, which will connect the Long Island Railroad to Grand Central Terminal in Manhattan.
by Richard Reiss