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Nov 9, 2014
The case for the electric taxi
In his January 2013 State of the City Address, Mayor Bloomberg called for a one-third electric taxi fleet by 2020. What will it take to make that happen?
by Lydia Miller
Jul 2, 2013
Biogas: the city's new compost power
Is it possible to harness compost to power your laptop?
by Matt Sanders
Jun 11, 2013
The city's $20B plan for the future
Do cities have to be tough? Or is being smart even better?
by Richard Reiss
20th May 2013, 12:00am-12:00am
Protecting the City, Before Next Time
May 20th—the Community Advisory Board (CAB) of New York Public Radio hosts a discussion on the scope, ramifications, and cost of post-Hurricane Sandy disaster preparedness.
by Somala Diby
Apr 25, 2013
Short takes: new recycling, and a White House honor
This week, Mayor Bloomberg announced the biggest expansion in recycling in 25 years.
by Richard Reiss
Feb 13, 2013
NYC gets a plastic-foam ban
  According to the New York Times, Mayor Bloomberg will propose a ban on plastic-foam containers  in his State of the City speech on Thursday: Mr. Bloomberg, in his 12th and final State of the City address, will propose a citywide ban on plastic-foam food packaging, including takeout boxes, cups and trays. Public schools would […]
by Richard Reiss
Oct 28, 2012
Pre-storm roundup: wind map, trains stop at 7 PM, mayor orders evacuation of zone A
As of noon, the mayor has ordered an evacuation for residents in the most vulnerable areas of the city, ‘Zone A.’ [Because of demand, this embedded map may be slow to load.] More info below map inset. The subways shut down at 7 PM tonight, with likely service restoration beginning on Wednesday. As noted by […]
by Richard Reiss
Aug 31, 2012
A supergroup forms in the anti-fracking movement
Sean Lennon and Yoko Ono joined with activist Mark Ruffalo at a Manhattan press conference this week, adding their voices to the anti-fracking movement at a time when Governor Cuomo is in the late stages of a fateful determination about permitting fracking in New York State.
by Richard Reiss
Feb 14, 2012
Bloomberg on Cities and Climate Change: “Cities are Forging Ahead”
Mayor Bloomberg, Chair of the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group wrote a post today on the C40 Cities blog about the important actions that New York and other C40 Cities have been taking against climate change. Referencing PlaNYC, he wrote that “In less than five years, we have planted more than a half-million new trees. We’ve banned […]
by Vesna Petrin