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20th Apr 2018, 12:00am-12:00am
Brooklyn Waters: Sea Level Rise, Sustainability, and Resilience along the Brooklyn Waterfront
The Brooklyn Waterfront Research Center (BWRC) presents Brooklyn Waters, a full-day conference on sea level rise, sustainability, and resiliency along the Brooklyn waterfront. Brooklyn Waters will examine how preparation for storm surge and rising tides has already remade – and is set to radically remake – the coastal areas of Kings County. While the Brooklyn waterfront holds much in common […]
by Ashley Brown
1st Feb 2018, 12:00am-12:00am
Book Talk - Blue Dunes: Climate Change by Design!
Blue Dunes: Climate Change by Design is a book documenting the proposal to create an offshore barrier island chain in the New York/New Jersey Harbor. Today, this proposal stands at a crossroads and its potential for the future of coastal protection requires further development. Participating scientists, engineers, planners, economists, and maritime stakeholders identified critical key […]
by isil
22nd Oct 2017, 12:00am-12:00am
City of Rising Waters: A Symposium
To mark the fifth anniversary of Superstorm Sandy — a watershed moment for New Yorkers’ awareness of the devastating impacts of climate change — join us for an afternoon program examining how New York City can survive and embrace its future as a coastal city surrounded by rising waters. This is the opening program in our new series, New York’s Future in a Changing […]
by Truly Johnson
Sep 26, 2017
C40 at Climate Week: Cities have a 2020 deadline
In his speech at C40 Talks, Mayor de Blasio said, “We do not have the luxury of time when it comes to climate action."
by Catherine McVay Hughes
1st-3rd Jun 2017, 12:00am-12:00am
Presented with the World Science Festival as part of its 10th anniversary season and produced by MAPP International Productions. A visceral and visual performative collision of the human body and water, born of the concern that as global sea levels rise, flooding and drought will become the central issues of the 21st century.
by Angie Koo
6th May 2017, 12:00am-12:00am
The future sea level in Lower Manhattan
Join Citizen's Climate Lobby and City Atlas as we trace the outlines of future sea level downtown, using Climate Central maps as our guide.
by Richard Reiss
20th Mar 2017, 12:00am-12:00am
Kim Stanley Robinson and the Science Friday Book Club
Science Friday host Ira Flatow is sitting down with acclaimed science fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson to talk about his latest book New York 2140. The book envisions a not-so-distant future in which sea levels have risen, the streets of New York have become canals, and skyscrapers have become islands. The discussion will include a Q&A, book signing, and a demonstration from the Science Friday Education team. Tickets are $15 and include a Strand gift card for the same amount.
by Angie Koo
3rd Mar 2017, 12:00am-12:00am
New York Sea Level Rise Projections: Implications for Law, Land Use, Buildings and Infrastructure
As required by a 2014 state statute, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has just issued official sea level rise projections. They reflect a range of possible scenarios; at the high end, sea level in the New York City area could rise 75 inches (6.2 feet) by the year 2100.This program will explore how these projections, now that they are embodied in a formal regulation, will affect a broad range of decisions in building and infrastructure siting, design, construction and materials; insurance and financing; environmental impact review; and securities disclosure.
by Angie Koo
Oct 30, 2016
Why do we live by the water, and what should we do now?
Workshops for Lower Manhattan's Coastal Resiliency Project let the members of public speak up about what kind of seawall we want to have.
by Angie Koo
22nd Sep 2016, 12:00am-12:00am
Ensuring Urban Resilience, Come Hell Or High Water
Urban resilience also means changes in land use along with better and more equitable ways to protect a city's people. Realizing these innovations requires that New York and other great cities must give high priority to advancing the emerging capacities to foster and make the most of new approaches to climate risk management.
by Lilas Randrianarivony
Jul 26, 2016
Climate Change: Impacts and Solutions (Yale Club of NYC)
'2016 marks the point where we realize that climate change is deeply intertwined with problems like poverty, inequality, and the long-term sustainability of the planet.'
by Daniella Penn
Jun 27, 2016
Is NYC ready for serious sea level rise: a talk with Klaus Jacob (transcript)
Lilas Randrianarivony, Emily Rutland, Ana Deustua and Angie Koo attended Klaus Jacob’s talk at the AIA/Center for Architecture in March. Emily Rutland assisted with transcription, and additional lecture notes were provided by Angie Koo and Ana Deustua. Lilas’ synopsis of the talk is below, followed by a complete transcript: Our former Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, announced that […]
by Lilas Randrianarivony
Jun 27, 2016
A sea level walk, and Klaus Jacob
Let’s assume Landmarks Preservation designation for the entire city – what would be necessary to keep it above water at the end of the century?
by Lilas Randrianarivony
13th Jun 2016, 12:00am-12:00am
Global Premiere: "Thirty Million" a documentary on climate change
Thirty Million is a film made to explore the issue of sea level rise in Bangladesh and lift the wider concerns of rising seas into the public domain. After all, Bangladesh isn't the only country with a coastline.
by colette
May 25, 2016
Sidewalk Labs launches Link, more to come
Can a new initiative from Daniel Doctoroff and Google advance the civic conversation on climate change?
by Emily Rutland
7th May 2016, 12:00am-12:00am
Jane's Walk: the future sea level in lower Manhattan
What's the best response to the enormous social challenge of rising seas? Citizen's Climate Lobby, with nonpartisan leaders including George Shultz and James Hansen, has an idea, and you'll hear about it during the walk.
by Richard Reiss
24th Jun 2015, 12:00am-12:00am
New York State Department of Environmental Conservation: Public Meeting on Sea Level Rise Projection
The CUNY Institute for Sustainable Cities will be hosting a public meeting for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to discuss the Community Risk and Resilience Act and projections of sea level rise. The meeting is open to the public and the Hunter College community is encouraged to attend.
by Chiara Zaccheo
Jun 18, 2015
James White: ice & the city
Director, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research
James White explains that the future of the city depends on how the Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets melt in a warmer climate, and on what we do to slow the process down.
by Jamie Carpenter