Tapping the Tappan Zee for Wind, Arts for Transit Director Speaks Out, and Outdoor Restaurant Seating on West Eighth

Tapping the Tappan Zee Bridge for Wind Power – really cool idea. Urban Omnibus has an extended interview with the MTA’s Art for Transit Director. Gothamist reports on a neighborhood plan for West Eighth Street that hinges on outdoor restaurant seating.

5 Sites for Buying Local Food Online, NYC Uses Tech to Solve Traffic Problems, and More Transit Tidbits

NYC makes Mashable’s list of 4 cities using tech to solve traffic problems. Also from Mashable – 5 Sites to Help You Shop For Local Food Online. In transportation headlines: Cool Graph of East Side Select Bus Service Impact. Also: Bike Facilities = Good for Businesses.

Toys Tell the History of NYC, Up-cycling to Create a Minimalist Closet, and a New Collaboration Cart for Design Charrettes

The Museum of the City of New York has a new exhibit that shows the social history of childhood in NYC through toys. Do The Green Thing talks about Re-Consuming (we like the up-cycled minimalist closet). Hester Street Collaborative has made a Collaboration Cart to aid in Community Design Charrettes.

Civic Pride T-Shirts, Crowdsourcing the Electoral Redistricting Process, and the Climate Crisis Blame Game

Think Progress asks “Is the Climate Crisis Caused by the 7 Billion or the 1 Percent?” The Public Mapping Project is trying to bring more transparency to electoral redistricting in New York State. Ready to shop for gifts already? City Fabric has made some great looking shirts with NYC maps on them.


GrowNYC Greenmarkets are as diverse as the city itself! Download this map here. Download the 2011 PDF map of all NYC Greenmarkets.