Inwood Welcomes Textile Lab

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The community at Inwood includes many people who are interested in sustainability and the environment.  Many visitors stopped by Textile Lab to learn about natural dyes. We created dyes with sunflowers and eucalyptus from J Glebocki Farms, Orange County NY.

Mariko Hashimoto visited the lab. Mariko is a licensed Aromatherapist and Esthetician who lives in Inwood where she practices her aromatherapy and creates scents from plants:

We were stationed next to the stand of Hudson Valley Duck farm, where Ruby, who works the stand, offered fiber information to visitors. Ruby is a long time resident of Inwood and a fiber fanatic!

Join us this saturday 8/18 at the Fort Greene Park Greenmarket in Brooklyn. We will be there from 10am-4pm with yarns dyed with sunflower and eucalyptus!

Mariko, Ruby and Laura talking about the color and aroma of plants