6 healthy food trucks in NYC

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Food trucks aren’t often known for healthy menus, but we found some exceptions. These trucks are scattered throughout the city among their higher-calorie counterparts, so customers no longer have to go out of their way to eat well. Here are six healthy food trucks that spread taste and nutrition around New York City:


1. Rouge Tomate

IMG_1091_miniThis cart is a spin-off of the chic and waistline-conscious Upper East Side restaurant. Located near the entrance to Central Park, the Rouge Tomate cart is a perfect stop to pick up picnic goodies. Serving locally grown, organic food (the grass-fed bison and wild arugula sandwich is a customer favorite), the cart promotes eco-awareness with its biodegradable paper products and solar panels. I tried The Meatless Greek, a delicious portobello mushroom and arugula burger covered in cucumber tzatziki sauce. Find the cart at 64th St. and 5th Avenue and follow it on Twitter @rougetomatecart.



2. The Squeeze

Feeling weighed down by unhealthy foods? Craving a detox? The Squeeze truck  may be the answer.

The Squeeze - TruckTouted as New York City’s first raw vegan food truck, The Squeeze is a “rolling ready pressed juice and living foods truck” that aims to inspire a lifestyle change for all its customers. Founded by Karliiin Brooks, a self-prescribed “eco-warrior”, The Squeeze offers four cleanse options for those looking to lose weight or increase energy and vitality. Raw soups, salads, snacks, and dessert are also available. You can find The Squeeze on Union Square West and 17th Street and follow them on Twitter @TheSqueezeTruck.

Photo: www.enterloop.com


3. The Cinnamon Snail


True to its name, The Cinnamon Snail offers a variety of unique fare. The truck features a gourmet vegan organic menu, (Lemongrass Five Spice Seitan is just one of many fancy sandwich options) the brain child of self-taught chef and owner Adam Sobel. www.thecinnamonsnail.com describes the truck’s cuisine as “food to inspire peace and bliss”, making it your go-to stop when you’re feeling creative, spiritual, and hungry. Follow The Cinnamon Snail on Twitter @VeganLunchTruck for directions to where you can find these whimsically healthy eats.

Photo: wwww.cinnamonsnail.com


4. Taïm Mobile


Taïm Mobile, a falafel and smoothie truck created and owned by husband and wife duo Chef Einat Admony and Stefan Nafziger, offers fresh and delicious Middle Eastern cuisine. With the gluten-free falafel as its most popular option, the Taïm menu showcases vegetarian Middle Eastern street foods with an infusion of gourmet ingredients. Be sure to taste the fresh falafel dipped in authentic tahini sauce for a mouthwatering snack. Check out http://www.taimmobile.com/ for a weekly schedule of locations and stay updated by following @TaimMobile on Twitter. 



5. Souvlaki GR

Souvlaki enjoys its reputation as the “hamburger of Greece.” However, a pita stuffed with chicken or pork, tzatziki sauce, fresh red tomato and onion, and spiced Greek fries is much healthier than your average American hamburger. These yummy eats won Souvlaki GR the Vendy Award for Rookie of the Year in 2010 and have been impressing New Yorkers ever since. Track the truck down by following @souvlakitruck on Twitter.


 Photo: www.tastecation.com


6. Rickshaw Dumpling

Rickshaw’s philosophy is that no one needs to learn to love dumplings because there’s a version in every culture’s cuisine. Indeed, these savory pockets are easily loved by all who try them. Headed by executive chef Anita Lo, Rickshaw Dumpling created this truck in response to popular demand at the Rickshaw Dumpling Bar in Chelsea.

IMG_1106_miniThe cart introduces innovative types of dumplings such as vegetarian edamame, chicken and Thai basil, and pork and Chinese chive. Pair an order of six dumplings (fewer than 300 calories) with a side of chilled edamame and you have yourself a deliciously light lunch. Follow @RickshawTruck on Twitter to find it!