Broadway: 1000 Steps

If successful, thousands of pedestrians will be able to enjoy Mary Miss's work and be reminded of how they can help shape a sustainable community.

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Following a long history of New York City art installations, artist Mary Miss is currently working on her own contribution: to bring information about sustainability to the public. In her proposal, Mary Miss aims to adorn Broadway with a series of art pieces (represented above) which fuse art and information into a unique combination. The project has been researched and developed over the past few years, and is now coming to the street.

Residents and passersby can experience a taste of her work on 137th Street and Broadway where a test site has been constructed. With hopes that her work will bring communities together through interest in creating a more sustainable environment, she has developed her project through the joint effort between Mary Miss, the faculty and students of  the City College Academy for Professional Preparation (CCAPP) Division of Science, the Montefiore Park Neighborhood Association, and Community Board 9. Having drawn inspiration from a variety of groups, the project is an eclectic composition.

mary miss1

On her journey toward materializing her vision, Mary Miss has recently hosted a series of discussion-based events for which she has invited designers and faculty members from institutions such as Columbia University and the American Institute of Architects. Having already accumulated information of her goal topics of water, air, energy, life, waste, and food, she now focuses on finding new ideas for publicity and moving her work away from the realm of small park art installations and into a citywide art piece.


Subtle, elegant, and reflective, Mary Miss’ project still has a ways to go before it can be found along the pavements of Broadway. Once in place along the city’s longest thoroughfare, thousands of pedestrians will be able to enjoy her work and be reminded of how they can help shape a sustainable community.

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