Can people be “LEED” certified?

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We all know LEED, which stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, as a certification process for green buildings and neighborhoods.  A person can be LEED accredited but not, as many people think, LEED certified.

Being LEED accredited doesn’t mean that a person is “green” as we might think, but simply that he has the ability to perform and understand the LEED processes in designing and planning a buildings or a neighborhoods.

What if there was a way to become “LEED” certified?

Well, this might actually exist.

Practically Green is a website/system that leads you to become “greener” and have a healthier and sustainable lifestyle. As the founder, Susan Hunt Stevens, mentions on her website, she was inspired by the LEED rating system and tried to apply it to people instead of buildings.

Practically Green has very solid standpoints and goals. As a matter of fact, they mention in the website that “Going green isn’t just about using less energy, producing less waste, and reducing exposure to harmful substances (though we’re not complaining when that happens!); it’s also about clarifying what’s confusing, offering motivation, and helping people embrace and even share their new way of life.”

How it works?

The first thing you start doing is giving basic information about yourself such as where you live, how many adults you live with, or the square footage of your house. After completing that step, you can create or pick “goals.” This is the part that makes this website interesting. For instance, you can decide to recycle glass bottles or recycle aluminum cans and other metals, while giving yourself deadlines. (That might be pretty handy, especially if you tend to procrastinate). Additionally, other goals such as “switching to a natural deodorant” include why you might want to do it and also some products related to the goal in which you are trying to pursue.

All of the goals are divided into sections such as Water, Energy, Health and Stuff. The more goals you achieve, the more points you receive, which helps you win badges. The badges are what makes you a “green” person, meaning that the more badges you get, the prouder you can be about yourself.

If you are looking to change your lifestyle and change the way things are done in your community, even though you don’t necessarily know how to become “greener,” Practically Green could be a great tool helping you achieve your goals.

Photo credits: USBGC,, Green-salon, PracticallyGreen