Checking in after Sandy: Transportation Alternatives and the state of city cycling

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With mass transportation still recovering from the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and the quick approach of winter weather, biking around NYC remains an adventure for even the most intrepid cyclist. Here are some of the latest resources to help you stay safe and warm while you get where you need to go:

  • The Times Square Alliance and Transportation Alternatives will provide a safe place for all Midtown Manhattan bike commuters to park their bikes through Fri, Nov 9. Stop by the #BikeSandy Resource Hub, in Times Square just north of 47th Street, for hot coffee, snacks, information about bicycle commuting, basic bike repairs, and bike valet parking.
  • In addition to their Times Square #BikeSandy Hub, you can find commuter support stations open through Fri, Nov 9 offering hot coffee, snacks, information about commuting, and assistance with basic bike repairs at the following locations: From 8 to 10 am (ends Fri, Nov 9),  on the Williamsburg Bridge (in Brooklyn), Manhattan Bridge (in Manhattan), Queensboro Bridge (in Queens) and on the northwest corner of 6th Avenue and 26th Street in Manhattan. From 5 to 7 pm (ends Fri, Nov 9), on the Williamsburg Bridge (in Brooklyn), Manhattan Bridge (in Manhattan), and in Manhattan at 2nd Avenue and 9th Street and at 5th Avenue at 25th Street.
  • Find maps and bike shops, learn the rules of the road, and get information on how to get involved in bike advocacy in your neighborhood at:
  • Look up your bike route with this handy-dandy map:
  • Stay safe by consulting a list of biking tips: and sign up for a complete handbook.
  • Share your story! Throughout the last week, social media has played an invaluable role in spreading stories and sharing resources. On Twitter and Instagram, use the hashtag #BikeSandy to have your photos in the BikeNYC slideshow.

Image: DowntownTraveler