Cider Week NYC: Carving out a place for apples in NY’s artisanal drink world

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Under the header “Crafting the Cider Comeback! Reviving America’s Orchard Heritage,” Glynwood Center (a rural nonprofit) will host a week+ of events in NYC that aim to bring attention and enthusiasm to NY’s local cider producers.  According to the most recent Census of Agriculture, apple orchard acreage in New York State has decreased by more than 7 percent (in comparison, grape acreage increased by almost 4 percent), spurring Glynwood to support local growers by getting people excited about local apple products.

Throughout Cider Week (Oct. 16-24) over 60 stores and restaurants offer tastings, talks, classes and demonstrations to do just that.  The hope is that local, artisanal cider can find a place in the hearts of New Yorkers the way that small-scale, craft beer has in recent years. Considering the apple’s rich agricultural history and strong presence in New York State, it’s a laudable goal.

A full list of scheduled events for Cider Week can be found here.

Image: Cider Week