NYC bike sharing rolls out May 27

Citibikes will be rolling across the city starting May 27th with full access June 2nd.

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Citi bike stations will be filled by 6,000 bikes over the coming weeks in time for a May 27 launch for members, and followed by a June 2nd grand opening for short term users. This first phase will put 333 stations into operation across Brooklyn and lower Manhattan. Members that sign up before May 17 will still get their keys by the May 27 members’ launch.

Last weekend, cycling enthusiasts got a chance to hop on the uncomplicated Citi Bikes at the NYC Bike Expo. Bikes were available to ride in a cordoned off parking lot, and proved easy to handle with their heavier weight and wide handle bars. Built in lights and internal drum breaks protected from the elements are a welcomed safety feature.

These inaugural weeks will allow Citi Bike, operated by the Alta Bike Share company, to work out any kinks and figure out if their user predictions were correct. Bikes may need to be trucked around over night to renew the distribution, or perhaps Citi Bike will incentivize riders to take bikes back to preferred and less popular destinations or on any uphill or otherwise difficult routes like the wildly successful Paris bike share does with reduced fares.

More info on the Citi Bike share here.

Photo: Citi Bike share