Citi Bike Share gets updated map

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A long-awaited sign of life from the Citi Bike Share arrived Thursday in the form of an updated station map.

The system, a joint project between international bike-sharing company Alta Bike Share and the Department of Transportation will now roll out the stations in three increments, eventually populating over 600 stations with 10,000 bikes. Still standing by a 2013 start date, the first phase aims to install 293 stations–upping the total to 400 in a second installment, as originally planned.

Hurricane Sandy proved a setback for the bike share, damaging some equipment in a Brooklyn Naval Yard warehouse that was inundated by six feet of flood water. The revised installment plant will include all stations south of Central Park and later be expanded north to 79th Street. All Queens and Williamsburg stations will come in the second phase. Station locations for the third and final phase are still in the planning mode, and the DOT continues to seek input.

With 54 percent of New Yorkers’ commutes tallying under two miles, the city is an optimal candidate for a bike share, and was one of a handful of cities chosen for federal funding over the last few years. A new mayor in office could spell a new policy for the city’s cycling lanes, and the influx of 10,000 bikes and increased ridership may entice more consideration for alternative transportation.

Photo: NY Times