CSA Profile: Corbin Hill Farm

Corbin Hill Farm CSA provides affordable produce to the Harlem and Bronx communities.

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Name: Corbin Hill Farm

Farm Base: Corbin Hill Road Farm, Schoharie County, NY

NYC Base: Harlem, Bronx, UWS

Season: June 12th to November 14th

Delivery Day: Tuesday


The Corbin Hill Farm CSA is dedicated to bringing fresh produce to low income households through affordable membership prices and flexible terms of agreement.  Corbin Hill charges on a weekly basis, except in the winter months when the share is meant to last a month and therefore is paid for a month at a time.  This ensures that one only needs to pay for produce on the weeks that they are able to pick up their produce (and cuts down on the amount of leftovers they have.)  Each share contains about 7 to 12 items and is meant to be enough produce to last each shareholder one week.  In the summer months they offer different sized shares, allowing you to increase or decrease the amount of produce you receive to allot for the size of your household. For the 2012 season, Medium shares (feeds 1-2, contains 7-9 types of items) are $15 while Large shares (feeds 3-4, contains 9-11 types of items) are $25.  You can also buy a pantry share (to be donated to a local food bank) for $15.

While the farms which participate in the CSA are not organically certified, all adhere to organic practices unless it is absolutely necessary to use other methods.  If more than 30% of the crop is threatened, the farmers will resort to Integrated Pest Management.  This entails spraying water-soluble chemicals such as copper on the plants, which has been shown to be less destructive than industrial pesticides.


This CSA offers many different pick-up locations for your convenience, a list of pick-up sites can be found here.   They ask that you bring your own reusable bag for pick-up, and pay one week in advance (either online, or at the site at which you will be receiving your produce.)  To help facilitate the community, the organization takes cash, check, credit card, or SNAP payments.  If you pay for the entire season in advance you receive one week free! Visit their website for more information.