Donate, Swap or Take Home Used Materials for Your Next Artistic Endeavors!

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Join Fourth Arts Block (FAB) at Load OUT!, a a one of a kind re-use & repurposing event, that brings together gently used materials of all sorts from arts organizations throughout the East Village/LES. Take home all the costumes, props, and furniture you need for your next artistic endeavor. The items you leave behind will be recycled by GrowNYC, WeRecycle! and the NYC Department of Sanitation. Whatever you decide to take away with you is FREE of charge!


Friday, March 30th:
10am – 6:30pm – Donations by Appointment

Saturday, March 31st:
11am -12pm – Accepting Donations for Load OUT!
11am – 3pm – Load OUT! open to the public
11am- 3pm – FREE E-Waste collection be WeREcycle! and clothing / textile recycling by GrowNYC

Location: 19 E. 3rd Street

Admission: FREE for all artists, $5 for the general public


Donate to Load OUT!:
FABnyc will be receiving goods at 19 East 3rd Street on Friday, March 30th from 10am-6:30pm.  Donations scheduled on March 30th require an advanced appointment.  On March 31st from 11am to 12pm you can drop off your donations to Load OUT! at 19. E. 3rd Street without an appointment.

All gently used goods will be accepted, as well as costumes, furniture, large appliances, kitchen cabinetry, ewaste, metal desks, flats, or large set pieces. If you can send a list of items with images as much in advance of the drop-off as possible, this will help us find your item a new home.

If you have questions  or to schedule your drop-off, please contact Katherine Barton, Sustainability Intern at 212.228.4670 or

Further Information on Donating:
FABnyc will only issue tax-deductable letters to groups requesting letters in advance of their drop-off. All groups donating to Load OUT! will be listed as “donors” to the Load OUT! event on FABnyc’s website. If you wish to give anonymously, please let FABnyc know when you drop off. If you bring an item to drop off that we cannot accept because it endangers our staff or space, we will ask that you take it away. Please contact us in advance if you have questions about an item’s suitability. No refrigerators or air conditioners will be accepted.

Items we cannot accept:
All materials must be clean and in immediately reusable condition, requiring little or no repair.  We cannot accept beds or bedding, pianos, lead based paint, toxic chemicals, food, broken glass, rusty metal, building materials that have screws, nails or glue still attached, slabs of marble, uncrated glass, rusty or broken furniture, or filing cabinets.

Other Commonly Asked Questions:
1)    How will I transport my items away? 
For small items, see our “How To Be a Good Salvager” info below. For SUV–sized items, FABnyc will have the names and numbers of reliable car services on hand. Please be ready with cash to pay car services.

2)    Why are we charging the general public an entrance fee?
FABnyc has no direct funding for this program and is taking on all costs of this event including liability insurance, disposal of what is not taken, staffing, collection, promotion, and partnerships. This small entrance fee will help cover those costs.

3)    What happens to items that are not taken away?
FABnyc is partnering with various reuse, recycling, and salvage groups to make sure that anything not taken away by individuals during Load OUT! will be picked up and properly recycled or disposed of later in the week.

How to Be a Good Salvager:
•    Be prepared to take away small items. Bring bags, rolling carts, tape, and string to make carrying away your items easier.
•    If you are in search of a big item, please either arrange to have transportation for that item available that day or research other options such as ZipCar or car services in the area.
•    Keep your mind open. Most items require a little love to be perfect, so as a good salvager use your imagination to see what something could become.

Load OUT! is sponsored by: Whole Foods Market, GrowNYC, WeRecycle! and the NYC Dept. of Sanitation.

Check out Fourth Arts Block (FABnyc) and their other initiatives!